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I’m a wannabe photographer.

I’m a wannabe photographer. Seriously, I used to bring my point-and-shoot camera in my bag every day just in case I found something fun or interesting to document. Lately, my purse has been feeling a little lighter. Enter Instagram and other mobile photo apps, enabling me to shoot, edit and share photos directly from my mobile. They also allow casual shooters like me to edit or enhance an image. (Instagram, for example, offers fifteen different filters with names like “Hefe,” “Toaster” and my personal favorite, “X-Pro II.”

Here are a few brands utilizing Instagram:

Fashion/Retail: Burberry, Oscar de la Renta, Kate Spade, Bergdorf Goodman, Marc Jacobs

Food/Drink: PepsiMax*, Pizza Hut, Ben & Jerry’s*, Charity Water

Tech/Media: Cool Hunting, Foodspotting, PopEater, Yelp

Sports: NY Knicks, Boston Celtics, Sacramento Kings, Pittsburgh Steelers

Last week, I wrote a post for my company’s website titled “Friday Five: Ways for Brands to Best Utilize Mobile Photo” – and the above text can be found within the article. You can access the full Edelman Digital Friday Five post here. and make sure to connect with me on Instagram (andi91210) as well! I’d love to see your Instagram photos too! Do you use mobile photo apps? What do you like or dislike about sites like Instagram, Camera+, PicPlz, etc.? Enjoy your Friday – thanks for reading! xo

Thursday Thankful List

Staying positive
Surrounding myself with friends who immediately change my mood from bad to good
Fur scarves
Replaying this song all week:

Turning off my cell phone
The people I work with
Giants games!
The way hair looks underwater

Constant support
Having such inspiring friends
The smell of cupcake-flavored candles

Singing during cab rides (more like screaming)
Wearing skirts and sundresses in September
Getting in a bed that’s already made
Bellini brunch dates
Unexpected ferry rides

“Just winging it”
Uplifting words
Milan Fashion Week – specifically the Marni collection
Being home:

The not-so-great days
Going to bed before 10 pm
How much I learn from my little sisters
Meeting people that care about the same things you do

>>Above you’ll find a few things I’m thankful for this week - from small to big and everything in between. I’d love to hear what you’re thankful for today -please share in the comments below or send me a tweet and let me know! Also, this is the 25th weekly  “Thursday Thankful List” on my blog – woo woo! YOU are one thing I am thankful for this week – for keeping up with my blog and reminding how intricately tied to other people I am. Thanks for reading – xoxo.

An invincible spring.

>>>Today’s Words for Wednesday is all about positivity! Ah, such a lovely concept and idea – but much harder to practice in our day-to-day life than we often think! Did you know it’s proven that positive people live longer? It’s also a fact that positive people who regularly express positive emotions are more resilient when facing stress, challenges and adversity. Staying positive and having joy is all about remembering mind over matter. We might be annoyed or upset about our relationships, location,  job status, education level, what we had for dinner, un-inspirational closets, what someone said to us, WHATEVER. These things fall into one of two categories: A. earthly – what we have physically, tangibly or B. Things outside of us – other people, situations we can’t control.

Staying positive has nothing to do with these things. Being positive means you are ruled by what you know, rather than what you have. I catch myself being too caught up and dependent on other people to control my outlook on life. I create high expectations of how I think things and situations and people should be and end up being disappointed. Today, I’m vowing to remember good things WILL come my way – but I don’t need to be looking for other people or my job or my weight on the scale to feel a certain way. 

I love the Albert Camus quote above: Once in the midst of a seemingly endless winter, I discovered within myself an invincible spring. What does this mean to me? It reminds me that I might feel like I’m in a terrible, long, cold, dark season of life (or just a given day) but it’s vital to find that “invincible spring” despite the situation. The absolute worst days make me appreciate the great ones. Staying positive allows us to remember that not every day is amazing at face value, but keeping our mind focused on the absolute best is vital. Live to pursue that invincible spring queens. Mind over matter. Thanks for reading, xoxo!

Home Sweet Home, Part 2

>>After being in San Francisco for almost six months, I finally feel settled. I’ve been living in a few different places and haven’t “officially” decorated and turned my living space into a home. This past week, my parents and I took a day and revamped my room; highlights including: turning my (former) closet door into a long desk, turning a collage into a piece of art, hanging new curtains, buying new lamps, scoring fun finds at Goodwill and flea markets, painting a bedside table and dresser and adding fun knobs to different pieces of furniture.These pictures really don’t do the room justice – but oh well, I’m just happy to share with you my new space!

>>>Last September, I posted photos of my room back in Athens and explained that my room was a little bit of all aspects of me – crafty, colorful, cozy. I truly feel like my new place is the same way, but with a more “grown up” approach and I absolutely love it!

Turn off your phone.

I live in a digital world. Seriously, my job completely revolves around Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media networks. When I’m not working, I’m blogging. When I’m not blogging, I’m networking. I have like four email addresses. Two computers. One cell phone. About five computer and phone chargers to ensure I never miss a beat or update. I spend a majority of my time glued to a screen – whether it’s my laptop, PC, iPhone or iPod. I often times feel like I’m living within the walls of technology. Going without it? A struggle.

As a young 20-something new to the West Coast and the working world, I’ve been taught and trained that being online is the way to be. I do everything online – pay my bills, chat with friends, read the news, finish books, start books, communicate, interact, live. I’ve been “raised” in this culture that to get ahead you need to always, always, always be catching the latest update, following the right people, viewing the right content, tweeting and posting the best articles.

This week, I was reminded enough is enough. I’ll admit it – I love the social and digital space, but it’s important to not over prioritize these gadgets we have and these online networks we live in. People (myself included) get trapped in spending more time building a LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Reddit, [insert social media site here] profile than they do actually building who they are. I’m talking who I am as a person, not who I am as @luckyandi or andi91210 or “Andi.Teggart” or “Search: Andi Teggart.” Maybe if I spent half the time I spend online actually OFFLINE, I could really enjoy life, soak up life, LIVE life.

I’m always documenting my life – through tweets, Instagram photos, Facebook status updates, blog posts – but what if I put down my phone and closed my computer and simply lived life? Some of the happiest people I know who really “get” life are the ones who don’t come near to technology. My grandpa doesn’t have the slightest clue what Twitter or blogging is – but he truly understands personal interactions, relationships and experiences. He would sit down and get coffee with you whether you had 35,000 Twitter followers or 10. Or zero. Rather than take a photo of what he’s eating for dinner, he enjoys dinner and company. Rather than constantly check his cell phone to make sure he’s not missing a status update, he is using his phone to call his grandchildren on the phone.

This weekend, I urge you to put your phones away and close your computers. Twitter, Facebook, your Inbox and every other site you are constantly stalking and obsessing over will be there when you get back on Monday. I’m not telling you to completely quit on social media – it’s fun to be online, it’s smart to be online, it’s actually vital to be online in this day and age. What I’m urging you to do is to not let your phone and computer dictate the way you go about living life. Don’t allow this online world to rule the beautiful, glorious, exciting, simple, dazzling adventurous, eternally blessed physical world we live in.

This weekend, instead of counting Twitter followers and Facebook notifications, I’ll be counting the number of times I laugh out loud. I’ll be measuring my “success” not on how many new LinkedIn connections I have, but how many hours I spend enjoying the warm weather with good friends. I’ll be monitoring what is going on in my friends life by talking to them in person (or giving them a call! Hint: different than texting) or writing them a letter. I’ll be reading a book instead of scrolling down a screen. I’ll be building and strengthening who I am as me – regular, plain, real-life me – instead of maximizing and building out the “online” me. This weekend, instead of staying up-to-date at every second, I’ll stay balanced and at peace every second.

Hope you do the same! xoxo

Thursday Thankful List

The sky turning red
Simply being happy
Good friends
Ignoring Facebook and Twitter
The way waves turn white as they crash down

Naps in the sun
Playful kids
The second cup of coffee during the day
Spending time alone with my parents

Roadside markets
Happy old couples together
Perspective (I’m not as big/important as I may think)

Realizing that money is not my security
Mint chocolate chip ice cream
Making old things new
Sharing closets
Redwood trees

Crying…and being okay with it
Brie + apples
Holding hands
Sharing meals
Being touristy

Taking days off work
Being so high in the mountains that I’m actually “above” the clouds (aka…SF fog)
God’s majestic creation
Not feeling the need to impress someone
Quirky flea markets

Treating OTHERS to dinner
Tomato soap
Winding roads
Greek Food Festivals
This quote: “I don’t know where I’m going, but I know it won’t be boring”

When my mom scratches my back
Driving in a car with the windows rolled down
Views like this:

Singing to oldies love songs with my parents
The color baby blue
Late night dessert
Feeling so loved, valued and cherished
Simply enjoying the moment I’m in

Above you’ll find my Thursday Thankful List; all related to the last week I’ve had. All the photos document different places, people and experiences that have made this week extra special. Looking back on the week, I can’t help but smile and count my blessings. This month, I pledged to write down 10 things (at least!) I’m thankful for in the morning and again at night. Being around my parents reminded me just how vital it is to appreciate the simple lovely things in life. I’ve been getting too caught up in the routine of work, life, relationships and the daily grid to really sit back and say, “WOW” to all that is in front of me. So here it is – WOW. I truly am in awe of what has been given to me. Hoping your Thursday is full of purpose and love, thanks for reading! xoxo

Optimism is key.

>>>Back to reality today, queens! My parents have been here since last Thursday vacationing and visiting me here in San Francisco and I took the beginning of the week off work to spend time with them. It’s hard to say goodbye to a four day weekend and sad to see my parents go, but I’m ready for the “new” week! I love the quote above: “To have a dream is one thing but to live it is another. It takes grit, moxie, spirit, passion, a fiery determination to make it happen and the courage to stand loudly and proudly in the world you’ve created for youself.” Live your dreams out loud this week! Enjoy this week’s dose of wisdom and optimism! xoxo

Beach Trip

There’s absolutely nothing I’d rather do than spend the day at the beach. This past Saturday, we woke up early and drove down the Pacific Coast to three beaches: Monterey, Carmel and Santa Cruz. We were on a search for sunshine and couldn’t ask for better weather! The entire day was a beautiful whirlwind; but a few highlights include: walking barefoot in the sand, napping in the sunshine, crabcakes for lunch, roadside farmers markets, orange flowers, a playful seal near the shore, several cups of coffee with my parents, the way the water turns white as waves crash down, the smell of saltwater, rolling hills, staring at the incredibly blue sky in awe, seashells, little kids screaming and laughing at the beach, boardwalks, pure bliss. Looking at these pictures, I’m just reminded how beautiful God’s creation is. What a lovely world we live in!

Enjoy yours! xo

Quit pleasing others.

The most unhappy people I know in this world, are those who care the most about what other people think.

When we spend our time trying to please others, we lose time that could be spent living.

Time being present in the moment.

Time creating memories.

Time laughing.

Time loving.

When we fixate on other people’s opinions of us, we become their prisoners.

Don’t give people more power than they deserve.

And don’t forget your own power.

The power to find love and acceptance from within.

The power of internal validation.

It’s always available to you.

And it’s a strength that can never be taken away.

Hold onto it.

Cultivate it.

Take back your power.

Break free from the chains of outside opinions.

Live your life according to your standards.

Find what makes you happy, and do it.

No matter what anyone says.

via Internal Acceptance Movement

Be present, be thankful, appreciate everything.

Good morning, friends! Hope all is well wherever you may be. Today, I’ve asked Melissa to guest post again. Her post today is a post about finding hope in difficult times, moving forward through pain and staying positive when everything seems to be falling apart. Losing a friend is one of the hardest experiences to go through – and Melissa is truly raw and honest about how she made it through this hard time. Thank you Melissa for being so willing to share! xoxo

Hi queens! I’m Melissa. I’m so happy that Andi invited me to guest post again on Polish My Crown. Today, I want to talk about my best friend, Kirsten.

The happy little (literally, she was tiny) girl you see above is named Kirsten, or Kir for short. Kir passed away December 17, 2006, during our junior year of high school. She was visiting her dad in a town that was out in the country; lots of winding roads and hills. While taking a friend home, Kir got into a car accident and passed away later that night.

Nobody knows what happened that night to make Kir crash her car. Some say the she may have swerved around an animal, other people say that it was just bad out that night and she may have hit a bad spot on the road. Whatever the case may be, it was obviously devastating to myself, her other friends, and her family.

I hope that no one else has lost a best friend, and that while you’re reading this you can’t possibly understand what all of us went through. I hope that you can’t relate; that you haven’t been in the same position. But if you have (or even if you haven’t), you know how difficult it can be to stay positive in a situation like this.

I did manage to stay (mostly) positive. The day I found out what happened I left my house and ran to my then-boyfriend’s house. I couldn’t even speak I was so upset, and soon thereafter word got out and my mom came to get me. I spent a few days in silence, just crying in my room. Then I went back to school, which was even worse. Seeing her locker, notes from her in my assignment notebook, or sitting at the lunch table waiting for her and realizing she wasn’t coming. I would be lying if I said it was easy. It wasn’t. But like everyone says, life goes on. And I knew that Kir wouldn’t want anything but happiness for all of us stuck here missing her.

So the big question: how did I stay positive during such a difficult time?

First & foremost: with an amazing support system. Teachers, family, friends. While all I wanted was to be left alone, everyone was rallying around me. After that? By doing whatever I felt was right. I wanted a tattoo in remembrance, and I now I have several. I was blessed enough to be given a lot of Kir’s clothes & other possessions, so every time I use her pen, or walk in my bathroom and see her rubber ducks, I’m reminded of her.

And most importantly? I live every single day being reminded of just how lucky I am to be here, and be living my life. I’m grateful for all the opportunities I’ve had that Kir missed out on. Often times, when I’m frustrated with something (like the never ending homework, or an internship coordinator that isn’t being very friendly) I remember that I’ve gotten all these chances that Kir didn’t have, and I should take advantage of them. It helps me to get through things that I may otherwise try to avoid (like that never ending homework that I’ll clearly blog about but will put off for as long as I can).

Even for someone who hasn’t lost a friend, consider making this your way to live. Be present, be thankful, and appreciate everything. Because you never know what could happen tomorrow.


Hi queens! I’m Melissa. Born & raised in Indiana, I’m a senior this year and trying to appreciate it before my time here ends and it’s time for a *gasp* big girl job! I’m excited to be guest posting here on Polish My Crown because Andi and her positive attitude are some of my biggest inspirations!

Stay in touch! Visit me on Twitter (@melissary) or at my blog: :)