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I’m a wannabe photographer.

I’m a wannabe photographer. Seriously, I used to bring my point-and-shoot camera in my bag every day just in case I found something fun or interesting to document. Lately, my purse has been feeling a little lighter. Enter Instagram and other mobile photo apps, enabling me to shoot, edit and share photos directly from my mobile. They also allow casual shooters like me to edit or enhance an image. (Instagram, for example, offers fifteen different filters with names like “Hefe,” “Toaster” and my personal favorite, “X-Pro II.”

Here are a few brands utilizing Instagram:

Fashion/Retail: Burberry, Oscar de la Renta, Kate Spade, Bergdorf Goodman, Marc Jacobs

Food/Drink: PepsiMax*, Pizza Hut, Ben & Jerry’s*, Charity Water

Tech/Media: Cool Hunting, Foodspotting, PopEater, Yelp

Sports: NY Knicks, Boston Celtics, Sacramento Kings, Pittsburgh Steelers

Last week, I wrote a post for my company’s website titled “Friday Five: Ways for Brands to Best Utilize Mobile Photo” – and the above text can be found within the article. You can access the full Edelman Digital Friday Five post here. and make sure to connect with me on Instagram (andi91210) as well! I’d love to see your Instagram photos too! Do you use mobile photo apps? What do you like or dislike about sites like Instagram, Camera+, PicPlz, etc.? Enjoy your Friday – thanks for reading! xo

One wild and precious life.

>>> What are you going to do with your one wild and precious life? This line from a Mary Oliver’s poem is on my mind {again} but is reminding me to escape the routine, to-do lists, stress, confusion. Instead, we should be risking and at the same time embracing our wild and very, very precious life! Life is too short and precious to be ruled by what we wear, what our job title is, who knows us, who wants to date us, how we are “going to get ahead.” What would life be like if we embraced our childhood joy and mindset today, as adults?

I‘ve shared my friend Lisa’s photography before and every new photo she posts always amazes me. I believe that many people can take photos, but it takes true talent to really capture that small moment in time in one image. These photographers allow you to look at an image and actually feel what is going on in the picture. It’s like you’re there. The above photos make me feel that way – and remind me to feel just as joyous, carefree and fearless even in my adult years. Look at the little girls in Lisa’s photos – they could care less if their pink dresses are soaked or dirty. They are caught up in the sheer fun of dancing in the sand and water.  As a child, I was fearless. As I child, I didn’t care what I wore or who knew this or that about my life. As a child, I thought I was going to be a teacher, astronaut, fashion designer, vet, jockey, doctor, lawyer and about 45 other professions. As I child, I felt indestructible – in the best way possible. My childhood life was ruled by wonder and bewilderment – instead of fear and monotony. I challenge you to think, feel and act that way now – whether you are 22, 42, 92 or any other age. Rekindle that childhood wonder.


As you kick off the weekend {early}, enjoy more beauty on Lisa’s TumblrFlickr and her portfolio. Thanks to Lisa for reminding me just how wildly wonderful and precious life actually is…right now. xoxo

May you be filled with light

>>>Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend! Mine was spent with a cold picnic dinner at the shore, a roadtrip to Carmel, Monterey and Santa Cruz in search for sunshine and exploring SF all day Sunday with my two beautiful visitors. Pure happiness. Today I wanted to share with you Lori Portka‘s artwork. I am absolutely obsessed and want to purchase her art for my apartment, but also to send cards to friends. Her goal? Spreading happiness through art. Make sure to visit her Etsy shop and her fascinating portfolio. What art have you noticed lately that inspires you and make you feel happy? Please share! Enjoy your day queens, xoxo!

A new challenge awaits:

>>>So inspired by my friend Lisa’s photography skills! Her photos above are reminding me what an adventure life really is and just how many places, people and things there are to explore. I’m also reminded just how thankful I am to be surrounded by beauty all day. Lisa’s pictures capture each moment of beauty so perfectly! Check out Lisa’s Tumblr here & her INSANELY talented photos on her Flickr as well! Have an inspired day, xo!

Change, real change is difficult.

>>>What you need to know before starting a new habit

Change, real change is difficult. It may be easy to wear a new hairstyle and pin up some new affirmations on the fridge, but that’s just glossing the exterior. Deep change is different. It’s the kind of transformation caterpillars go through in order to become butterflies.

Why change is difficult

Change is painful because we cling to our idea of who we are …’warts and all’. That’s why there’s a sense of loss when we change. We lose part of what we think defines us. Even unhappiness, or being overweight, or feeling bad about ourselves, is something we cling to. That’s why it’s so hard to change.

All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another. ~Anatole France 

Why continuity is important

In order to feel grounded, a certain amount of continuity in life is important. Make sure you don’t change too much at once. If you plan to make major changes to your life, just focus on one thing at a time.

Continuity gives us roots; change gives us branches, letting us stretch and grow and reach new heights. ~Pauline R. Kezer 

When is the time for change right?

That’s a difficult question. But the answer is really quite simple: you are ready to change when the pain of remaining as you are is greater than the pain of change.

It’s not that some people have willpower and some don’t. It’s that some people are ready to change and others are not. ~ James Gordon 

True change is in the mind

Every change that we make is basically a change of mindset. The most important skill you need for change is is the ability to put unskillful thoughts aside and let them go. When you notice your thoughts going into a negative arena, say to yourself: “I won’t follow that thought,” and intentionally bring your mind to bear on the present moment.

The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it. ~Marcus Aurelius 

Why letting go works better than trying hard

Change doesn’t usually come about through a great effort. It comes about through a series of small decisions. For example, if you are trying to get fitter, then the small decisions are about going out and exercising are the ones that will effect that change. At those moments you need to to let go of the whiny thoughts about how hard it will be and how tired you are right now. When you let go, you work with the flow of thoughts, when you try hard, you’re paddling upstream.

By letting it go it all gets done. The world is won by those who let it go. But when you try and try, the world is beyond winning. ~ Lao Tzu 

How far are you willing to change?

Do you want to stay basically the same, but just adjust a few things here and there? Or are you ready for deep change? Both are viable options, but if you opt for the second one, you’ll need to gather all your spiritual, mental, and physical strength in order to achieve the change.

Any transition serious enough to alter your definition of self will require not just small adjustments in your way of living and thinking but a full-on metamorphosis. ~Martha Beck 

Change happens one moment at a time

It’s best to focus on the small decisions of each moment that make up change, and not look ahead to transformation. It’s like struggling up a mountain. Keep on looking up to that distant peak, and you’ll feel discouraged and tired. But take one step at a time, and you’ll be surprised how much height you’ve gained when you look back.

Always remember that the future comes one day at a time. ~ Dean Acheson

Changing, and challenging ourselves keeps us alive and growing. It’s always an easier option to go with the status quo, but if we keep on doing that, our capacity contracts.

The great thing about life is that we can invent ourselves over and over. We can continually discover new skills and new areas of experience as we go through life. It’s sometimes a struggle, but it leads to a vibrant and fulfilled life.

After you’ve done a thing the same way for two years, look it over carefully. After five years, look at it with suspicion. And after ten years, throw it away and start all over. ~Alfred Edward Perlman

What are you going to change in your life?

{Post by Mary Jaksch accessed here, photos accessed here}

Keep Calm and…

I related the “KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON” image and quote to my original blog post (explained here) and personally own the “decor-version” of the quote (decoration shown here). The variations of this quote have been cracking me up, so I thought I’d share. XO Happy Positive Thursday!

Hilarious variations:

Curly Girl Design

Happy Saturday beauties! Don’t you love it when you can send something to someone that just says the words you can’t seem to express? Even better; how much do you appreciate when you receive the perfect something that just totally fits and matches your mood and mindset at the time? Curly Girl Design is that something for me.

When bopping around downtown Bowling Green today, I stopped in a favorite store For Keeps and was surprised and excited to find cards and new products from Curly Girl Design. I first discovered Curly Girl Design cards while browsing Cross Court card and gift shop, which has turned into a bi-weekly habit while at school. I began my mild obsession with the cards; and chose to send these cards to friends and family members.

Through browsing the Curly Girl Design website, I learned that Leigh Standley is the master behind the unique designs and bases her work out of Boston. On her website under the “Find Us” tab, you can access an interactive map that lists each gift shop that Curly Girl Design products are available at in each state. Sure enough, I found For Keeps & Cross Court listed right there!

The line has expanded to sell T-shirts, magnets, matted prints, keychains and wall canvas. I actually saw a small Curly Girl Design wall decor piece shaped like a girl that had the artwork and quotes incorporated into the shape. I wish I took a picture of that earlier! NEED to purchase. I love that the design incorporates  simple artwork mixed with surprising, whimsical details (example: The “pattern” of the skirt below) I also love that the quotes appear “collaged” onto the design and every card reflects a certain mood or emotion. Happiness. Missing your mom. Determination. Confusion. Thankfulness. Hope.

Receiving (and sending!) Curly Girl Design cards is just the pick-me-up (excuse me-crown polish) that you queens might need.

I’ve only included a small fraction of the amazing Curly Girl Design pieces that Leigh sells. Make sure you head to her website and check out Curly Girl Design on Facebook and Twitter!

Artwork with Emotion

Happy Thursday beautiful queens! I stumbled upon Leigh Viner’s “JKL Designs” Etsy page last summer and constantly feel like I’m going back to it looking at her artwork pieces. I’m in love with her emotional paintings, which always have heavy emphasis on the eye detailing. As stated on her personal blog, many of her paintings are inspired by fashion; for example the last picture I posted is inspired from the Autumn/Winter 10/11 Christian Dior runway show in Paris. Her portfolio is available here-so make sure you check out the rest of her artwork and her photography online.

Lanvin 01 Art Print

Neva Art Print

This Silent Whisperer Art Print

Perceive Art Print

Draw the Line Art Print

I'm Afraid I Can't Handle It Art Print

Layered Art Print

Cricket Art Print

Scarlet Art Print

Lolly Dior 01 Art Print

Which one(s) do you think I should purchase? I’m thinking that having one of these on my wall would definitely be considered a crown polish after the week I’ve had!