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Waiting to be awakened

>>>Unpleasant emotions are not monsters to run from. Rather they are entities of darkness, which lead us to light and clarity.

Feelings like disappointment, embarrassment, irritation, resentment, anger, jealousy, and fear, instead of being bad news, are actually very clear moments that teach us where it is that we’re holding back.

They teach us to perk up and lean in when we feel we’d rather collapse and back away.

They’re like messengers that show us, with terrifying clarity, exactly where we’re stuck.

This very moment is the perfect teacher, and, lucky for us, it’s with us wherever we are.”

~Pema Chödrön

We just have to open our eyes, and our hearts to the knowledge which the darkness provides us with.

We have to remind ourselves that the darkness doesn’t last forever.

That it doesn’t define who we are.

And that we have within us, a sleeping power, waiting to be awakened.

The power to embrace the darkness.

And the strength to move beyond it.

{via Internal Acceptance Movement}

Avoiding a Quarter Life Crisis

Seven essential tips for avoiding the quarter-life crisis:

1. DON’T BELIEVE WHAT YOU THINK: We are naturally wired to believe that the thoughts in our heads are true. But sometimes we cling to beliefs about ourselves that simply don’t match reality. Change your attitude, and stop believing the thoughts in your head that are simply not true. Allow yourself the mental freedom and space you need to breathe and figure stuff out simply by challenging your thought patterns.

2. KNOW THYSELF: Most people who escape a quarter-life crisis do so for one reason: they know who they are and what they want. If you don’t know who you are and what you value in life, you’re going to have a hard time figuring out what is a good fit for you. Don’t sweat the details, though—this isn’t about having all the specifics of your life mapped out or a particular job title to aim for. It’s about knowing, generally, what kinds of things you want your life to be about, and then exploring the possibilities.

3. IGNORE OTHER PEOPLE: Not literally — healthy relationships are quite important. What isn’t healthy is comparison. A lot of people start to slip into crisis mode when they look around and start comparing themselves to their peers. Your college roommate is making bank, your cousin is traveling the world, your best friend just got engaged, your co-workers are all buying homes and having babies, and pretty much everyone has it all together — except you. Suddenly, you feel inadequate. Get over it. What other people are doing with their lives doesn’t matter, no matter how fun or glamorous it might seem. You have one life to live and, surprise, it’s yours — not theirs. Life isn’t a competition or a race. If you act like it is, odds are you’ll start to feel like you’re losing. Skip the drama and learn to be content. It you’re happy with yourself, that’s what matters.

4. FIND MEANINGFUL WORK: At least half of your waking life will be spent working. If you’re not doing something that matters to you, you’re going to be miserable, trapped, and you’re going to have a quarter-life crisis. The important thing is that your work matters to you — not other people. Your friends might think your job is boring, but the reality is that you don’t need to change the world to be doing something that matters. If it matters to you, then it matters.

5. DON’T TAKE EVERYTHING SO SERIOUSLY: Sure, one of the keys to success is hard work. But hard work without rest is also the key to burnout. Have fun once in awhile, and don’t feel guilty about it. It’s during times of rest that our bodies reenergize and our brains are free to dream and imagine new possibilities. Many times the first step to solving your problems is to take a step back from them. Rest, laughter, and creativity help to put things into perspective.

6. ASSESS YOUR FRIENDS: Satisfying relationships are exceptionally good at preventing quarter-life crises. The relationships you’re really going to want to pay attention to are the people you surround yourself with every day. Avoid people that attract drama and chaos, or those who are cynical, jaded, pessimistic, and unhappy. If your friends have abandoned their dreams and self-medicate with alcohol to take the edge off, you’re in serious danger of winding up just like them. If the people you hang out with are dragging you down, it’s time to part ways.

7. HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF: A surefire way to wind up in a quarter or mid-life crisis is to follow someone else’s program for your life. So don’t do that. You’re not always going to know the next step, what you’re doing, or how everything is going to work out. But if you know the direction you should be going and you’re not heading that way because you’re scared, you’re off track. If you have a vision and a passion, you should follow it. If you don’t, expect a crisis on your hands in a few years when regret sets in. Sometimes you have to take a big, scary leap into the unknown and trust your heart. If you know who you are, and you have good friends to support you along the way, you’re going to be OK.

>>>The seven tips of advice come from the fantastic Josh Shipp, a motivational speaker and bestselling author – he coaches teens through his site:  Along with being named a CNN Young Person Who Rocks and to INC. Magazine’s 30 under 30 list, he is launching a TV show appropriately titled JUMP SHIPP. The basis of this reality show is  Josh provides one person each week a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live out their dreams – illustrating that the only way to experience the life you want is to make the leap. Pretty cool, right? I’m excited to check out the show and totally appreciate and admire the work Josh is doing. Enjoy your weekend! xoxo

Quit pleasing others.

The most unhappy people I know in this world, are those who care the most about what other people think.

When we spend our time trying to please others, we lose time that could be spent living.

Time being present in the moment.

Time creating memories.

Time laughing.

Time loving.

When we fixate on other people’s opinions of us, we become their prisoners.

Don’t give people more power than they deserve.

And don’t forget your own power.

The power to find love and acceptance from within.

The power of internal validation.

It’s always available to you.

And it’s a strength that can never be taken away.

Hold onto it.

Cultivate it.

Take back your power.

Break free from the chains of outside opinions.

Live your life according to your standards.

Find what makes you happy, and do it.

No matter what anyone says.

via Internal Acceptance Movement

Choosing ME over WE

“A Love Letter: I believe that each of us wants to be deeply loved, and that without that love, we will never find the happiness we crave. No matter how much money you make, how beautiful your body or how many accolades you acquire, at the core of who you are, you desire to be deeply loved.

And yet, how many of us would be willing to stand up and admit to the world this deepest of deep desires? Would you? Of course you might express that you would really like a loving relationship, that your family is important to you, or even that you’d like to take better care of yourself.

But would you peel back the curtain that protects your delicate soul to reveal that inside is the most innocent and pure heart, one who craves to be seen by another so deeply that you could almost feel that person witnessing your soul? Would you show us the holes of loneliness that sometimes surface on that same heart when your soul feels unseen, unheard, un-understood?

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

The loneliest times of my life have been in relationship – be it with a parent, a friend or a romantic partner – in which I called out to be seen, when I reached out for unconditional love, and neither was returned.

After 30 years of trying to find that deep love from the people around me whom I loved, I was gifted with a profound realization, one that I have since come to understand is the secret to everything in life. When we live by it, the happiness and love we seek is ever present. When we don’t, we will find ourselves forever seeking out happiness and love, in vain.

The secret is this:
The deep love you seek starts and ends with the love you have for you.

Every person on this planet, including you, desires to be deeply loved. At the core of your soul, your spirit requires that in this lifetime you seek out and find unconditional and pure love. The reason most of us spend our lives searching without ever really finding it, is not because this precious love doesn’t exist, or even that it is rare. You’ve been taught to look in the wrong places – outside of you – when the truth is that the love you seek starts and ends with the love you have for you.

It is your right to fall so deeply in love with yourself that you only invite that same kind of unconditional love into your life. It is your quest in this lifetime to get to know who you truly are in your soul, beyond all the surface and societal muck that covers up your beautiful spirit. It is your gift to learn to accept the person you are today, right now in this moment and love him or her, all of you. And it is your duty to free yourself to fully express every piece of you without apology, so brightly that it lights every heart it touches like a firefly, including yours.

That is self-love. Being. Loving. Living. You.

When you can do this, you not only receive the extraordinary ability to feel the greatest of love, but you also gain the ability to give that same deep love back, giving others the gift of witnessing and loving their beautiful souls.

My wish for you is that today, you start and/or deepen your journey of falling madly in love with the powerful, beautiful and free being you are, just because you are you!”

Christine Arylo
Author of Choosing ME Before WE

Your potential is boundless.

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”  - Alice Walker

By seeing themselves as worthless.

By believing the lie that they don’t have the ability to make a change.

But self-deprecation is a form of self-sabatoge.

Negative thoughts breed negative outcomes.

Thinking we are going to mess up, often sets up to do just that.

Luckily the opposite is also true.

A positive outlook gives way to positive results.

When we believe in ourselves, we rise to the occasion. 

When we have faith in our abilities, we grow limitless. 

There is a power in confidence.

A power in knowing you are enough.

In believing you are okay exactly as you are.

You are so much stronger than you know.

Your potential is boundless.

All you have to do is believe.

Via Internal Acceptance Movement

Honor your feelings, speak your truth.

Sometimes we deny how we are feeling to others.

Other times, we deny our true feelings to ourselves.

But by keeping silent, we are invalidating what we feel. 

Emotional energy builds up, and when we don’t let it out, it can become destructive.

When we deny our feelings, the emotion becomes a block.

It blocks our connection to others.

And it blocks the connection to ourselves. 

There are times when we feel that our thoughts and feelings are insignificant or a waste of time.

Put an end to minimizing how you feel.

If you feel it, and it affects you, it is both important and real—always.

We may fear speaking our truth because we don’t want to upset people or create waves.

But in an attempt to not hurt others, we end up hurting ourselves.

It’s not our responsibility to manage the feelings of others.

It is our responsibility however, to make sure our own feelings are heard. 

When you are connected to yourself, you are connected to the world around you.

Honor your feelings.

Never stay silent.

Speak your truth.


The infinite possibilities each day holds should stagger the mind. The sheer number of experiences I could have is uncountable, breathtaking, and I’m sitting here refreshing my Inbox. We live in trapped loops, reliving a few days over and over, and we envision only a handful of paths laid out ahead of us.

We see the same things each day, we respond the same way, we think the same thoughts, each day a slight variation of the last, every moment smoothly following the the gentle curves of societal norms. We act like if we just get through today, tomorrow our dreams will come back to us.

And no, I don’t have all the answers. I don’t know how to jolly myself into seeing what each moment could become. But I do know one thing: the solution doesn’t involve watering down my every little idea and creative impulse for the sake of some day easing my fit into a mold. It doesn’t involve tempering my life to better fit someone’s expectations. It doesn’t involve constantly holding back for fear of shaking things up.

Love. love. love this quote. What a great reminder to live outside of our comfort zones, push the limits and live life to the fullest – on our own terms. Whatever you do, don’t let fear dictate your decisions. Enjoy your sunny Sunday! xo


Why not you?

Why Not You?
Today, many will awaken with a fresh sense of inspiration. Why not you?

Today, many will open their eyes to the beauty that surrounds them. Why not you?

Today, many will choose to leave the ghost of yesterday behind and seize the immeasurable power of today. Why not you?

Today, many will break through the barriers of the past by looking at the blessings of the present. Why not you?

Today, for many the burden of self doubt and insecurity will be lifted by the security and confidence of empowerment. Why not you?

Today, many will rise above their believed limitations and make contact with their powerful innate strength. Why not you?

Today, many will choose to live in such a manner that they will be a positive role model for their children. Why not you?

Today, many will choose to free themselves from the personal imprisonment of their bad habits. Why not you?

Today, many will choose to live free of conditions and rules governing their own happiness. Why not you?

Today, many will find abundance in simplicity. Why not you?

Today, many will be confronted by difficult moral choices and they will choose to do what is right instead of what is beneficial. Why not you?

Today, many will decide to no longer sit back with a victim mentality, but to take charge of their lives and make positive changes. Why not you?

Today, many will take the action necessary to make a difference. Why not you?

Today, many will make the commitment to be a better mother, father, son, daughter, student, teacher, worker, boss, brother, sister, & so much more. Why not you?

Today is a new day!
Many will seize this day.
Many will live it to the fullest.
Why not you? 

Steve Maraboli

You are sensational.

You are sensational.
What you have to
say is important.
It is relevant.
You are undeniable.
You are capable.
You are beautiful.

-Gala Darling

>>>Simple and sweet words to remember. Never, ever underestimate yourself and never sell yourself short. Enjoy your Friday, thanks for reading this week! xo

100 Ways to Uncomplicate Your Life

It begins…
You see, when we’re born we see the world in an uncomplicated way. We know what we need, and we ask for it. We like nice people, and we don’t like mean people. We sleep when we’re tired, we eat when we’re hungry, and we stop eating when we’re full.
As we grow older, we eat and drink to console ourselves, rather than addressing what’s bothering us. We overwork to avoid close relationships, rather than finding people we can trust to form strong bonds with. We hold grudges, play games, spend more than we make, want things we don’t need, and we get too far away from our basic human needs. In other words, we complicate things. Here are 100 ways to uncomplicate it…

Enjoy! Happy Tuesday! xo

1. Don’t try to read other people’s minds
2. Get up 30 minutes earlier so that you don’t rush/get a ticket while driving too fast/have to explain why you’re late/get fired
3. Get 8 hours of sleep per night so that you think more clearly
4. Stick to your budget
5. Start saving and investing every week, no matter how little you can spare
6. Balance your checkbook
7. Don’t try to be friends with everyone. Cultivate closer relationships with fewer people.
8. Don’t try to do business with everyone. Identify your target client and take very good care of them.
9. Before getting angry, ask yourself if it will really matter in 20 years
10. Focus on being a good person, not on pleasing others
11. Stay home this Saturday, and finish off that nagging chore that you need to finish
12. Kiss and make up
13. Make a weekly menu, and shop for only those items at the market
14. Ask your grandparents the best way to uncomplicate life, and try it for a month
15. Fill up your gas tank when it’s half full
16. Don’t drink alcohol when you’re tired, sad or mad
17. Pay your bills on time
18. Get an annual physical examination
19. Say “I love you” to your significant other and to your children. Studies show that more marriages last, and fewer kids use drugs, when these words are spoken every day.
20. For just one day, imagine everyone’s intentions are good because most people’s are
21. Give away clothes that haven’t been worn in two years
22. Throw out clothes that are in disrepair, and can’t be mended
23. When you have a conflict with someone, talk it out. Don’t let it turn into more than it is.
24. Know what your priorities are in life, and act as if they are your priorities
25. Tell the truth
26. Don’t cheat
27. Don’t steal
28. If you’re holding on to a ridiculous grudge, let it go
29. Clean your house weekly, so that it doesn’t become too large a chore
30. Do your best at work, or at school
31. Don’t eat when you aren’t hungry
32. Eat when you are hungry
33. Be yourself
34. Say no unapologetically
35. Cook simple meals
36. Don’t try to keep up with the Joneses
37. Pay off your car before buying a new one
38. Organise your desk at the office
39. Change your smoke alarm batteries when the clocks spring forward, and again when they fall back
40. Organise your important paperwork
41. Take only half the clothes that you planned to take with you on holiday
42. Help your children with their homework every night, and have an open dialogue with their teachers
43. Have white sheets and white towels in children’s rooms/bathrooms, because they’re easily bleached
44. Spend your time with nice people
45. Avoid drama
46. Don’t text or talk on the phone while driving
47. Turn off the television/video games/computer; they’re time consumers
48. Don’t engage in office politics
49. Refuse to gossip, or talk behind other people’s backs
50. Do the dishes right after dinner
51. Never go to sleep angry
52. Ask nicely for what you need and want
53. Walk 10,000 steps per day to help your heart
54. Do 20 push-ups before speaking in anger
55. Leave work at work
56. Don’t befriend anyone that isn’t trustworthy
57. Don’t envy others
58. Have your oil changed
59. Take vitamin C BEFORE you catch a cold
60. Don’t work more than 8 hours per day
61. Weed your garden weekly
62. Wash your car weekly
63. Have a spring cleaning month every year, and do one room at a time
64. You don’t need to be best friends with work colleagues, but build respectful partnerships
65. Don’t drink and drive
66. Don’t look for reasons to be angry or sad, look for reasons to be happy. You’ll always be able to find plenty of each.
67. Be friendly with your neighbours
68. Return emails and phone messages promptly
69. Schedule in free time
70. Don’t procrastinate
71. Do what you say you’ll do, when you say you’ll do it
72. Be more flexible when you’re able to be
73. Forgive and forget. End of story.
74. Break the consumerism habit…put a three month moratorium in place on buying anything not deemed a necessity
75. Start your diet on September 1, rather than January 1, so that you won’t also have holiday pounds to lose
76. Take care of any health issues or concerns
77. Have your tires rotated
78. Have your brakes checked
79. Have your eyes checked
80. Don’t let your imagination run away with you
81. Let go of perfection in others
82. Let go of perfection in yourself
83. Don’t try to help those that refuse to help themselves
84. Find a way to reduce your commute to work
85. Have an alloted amount of worry time per day/week, that you strictly abide by
86. Drink more water
87. Eat more salmon
88. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill
89. Wear your hair in a classic, easy to care for style
90. Finish what you start
91. Wear classic clothes and shoes that never go out of style
92. Create a daily routine
93. Have a 1, 5, 10 and 20 year plan for your financial and life goals
94. Slow down
95. Eat out less often
96. When you ask your husband which outfit looks best, thank him for his answer and wear the one he liked rather than focusing on why he didn’t like the other one
97. Allow your children to grow up
98. Clean out your garage, and donate anything that hasn’t been used in the past year
99. Stretch every day
100. If a relationship is over, let it go
{Source: Live The Charmed Life, Images: Pinterest}