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I’m a wannabe photographer.

I’m a wannabe photographer. Seriously, I used to bring my point-and-shoot camera in my bag every day just in case I found something fun or interesting to document. Lately, my purse has been feeling a little lighter. Enter Instagram and other mobile photo apps, enabling me to shoot, edit and share photos directly from my mobile. They also allow casual shooters like me to edit or enhance an image. (Instagram, for example, offers fifteen different filters with names like “Hefe,” “Toaster” and my personal favorite, “X-Pro II.”

Here are a few brands utilizing Instagram:

Fashion/Retail: Burberry, Oscar de la Renta, Kate Spade, Bergdorf Goodman, Marc Jacobs

Food/Drink: PepsiMax*, Pizza Hut, Ben & Jerry’s*, Charity Water

Tech/Media: Cool Hunting, Foodspotting, PopEater, Yelp

Sports: NY Knicks, Boston Celtics, Sacramento Kings, Pittsburgh Steelers

Last week, I wrote a post for my company’s website titled “Friday Five: Ways for Brands to Best Utilize Mobile Photo” – and the above text can be found within the article. You can access the full Edelman Digital Friday Five post here. and make sure to connect with me on Instagram (andi91210) as well! I’d love to see your Instagram photos too! Do you use mobile photo apps? What do you like or dislike about sites like Instagram, Camera+, PicPlz, etc.? Enjoy your Friday – thanks for reading! xo


>>> Four years ago, I was fresh-faced high school graduate ready for the new stage of life approaching me. As much as I loved high school, I was beyond ready for college and even more excited that I was accepted into the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University. I only knew a few people from high school going to college there and I was looking forward to a fresh start, to added freedom and responsibility, to “the best four years of my life.”

Pal & I before I moved to OU

Fall quarter Court Street

>>> Fast-forward four years and here we are today, right now. It’s all coming to an end. Today was my last day EVER as a college student at OU. My last day of my undergrad career. I have one week left in Athens, my safe haven and home for the past four years, before I start on the next chapter of my life. I shared my thoughts on finishing college here and wanted to share again:

“College student” has been a title and identity I have cheerfully accepted and wholeheartedly enjoyed the past three and half years. Regardless of vacations, breaks and internships, I’ve always known they are temporary. I’ll always have my safe haven of Ohio University to return to. In a few weeks, that won’t be the case!Although I am excited for new changes and transitions, it is a little scary. Life as a college senior has proved to be a whirlwind of questions and confusion, but with that–a jumble of excitement and opportunity. And that’s what I’m going to focus on. Rather than surround myself with fear of the unknown, I will surround myself with hope and excitement. I wouldn’t be who I am today without the last four years and I probably wouldn’t be looking for the same future opportunities that I’m pursuing now. College has been such a key time in my life to grow up and grow into the person I was created to be.

My roommate from soph year & good friend Sam!


Queen P

Kaittt :)


My love for Connor begins..


>>> I am not the same person I was when I first arrived to OU four years ago. Now that I’m leaving, I’ve been evaluating how I’ve changed over time: I’ve found friends that turned into family, confidence that doesn’t come overnight, and the tools to succeed professionally. I’ve embraced new cultures, new ideas, new people. I’ve never laughed harder and I’ve never cried more. I’ve been through many ups and downs, but all have left me a better person. Not only have I made best friends, I’ve made a best friend in myself as well and come to fully appreciate and respect myself.

Met these ladies my first weekend of college! LOVE Tess, Natalie, Michelle & Alex


Spring Break with Tess, Lyn & Sam soph yr

Still fraaands after our first meeting at Kinkos on the first day of class freshmen yr!

Palmerfest freshmen yr: Paige, Tess, Barr & Sam

EMilys bday!

>>>I can only describe my graduation as one word: bittersweet.


1. Bitter and sweet at the same time:

2. Producing or expressing a mixture of pain and pleasure:

>>> The bitter part is obviously leaving my friends and my four years of absolutely hilarious and memorable times behind. I know I’ll never experience anything quite like the past few years and that’s hard to let go of. The sweet part is that the future is full of adventures, the next chapter of my life will be exciting and just as memorable. It’s a perfect mix of sadness and excitement. Although I am super excited to move to San Francisco to start my first job, I’m also sad that the college chapter of my life is coming to a close. Rather than deny my sadness, I’m just going to be. I’m going to just accept the moment I’m in and keep remembering just how

overwhelmed with blessings and opportunities I am. The past four years prove that. And I hope the next four do so as well!


My Threadies!


Halloween 2009

My inspirational queen Calla


Tess, Paige, Ash



>>> Thanks for continuing to read my blog and following my journeys, one phase of life at a time! xo






Inspired by, obsessed with, in love with…Part 2

Inspired by:

>>>“It’s actually a rare and precious thing to discover what it is you love to do, and I encourage you to remain unapologetically consumed by it. Be faithful to your gift and very confident in its value.” -Jonathan Ive

>>>”People-even more than things-need to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed and redeemed; Never throw out anyone.What are you going to do with your one wild and precious life?” >>>To laugh often; to win the respect of intelligent people, the affection of children; to earn the approbation of honest critics, to endure the betrayal of false friends. To appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better whether by a healthy child, or a garden patch; to know that even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded. –Ralph Waldo Emerson

Obsessing over:

>>>The recently released February issue of Thread! I’m dying over the Black Swan-inspired photo shoot and behind-the-scenes video shoot, “6 Looks We Like” album cover-inspired shoot & a fabulous Hate/Love/Adore story. You can stay updated on Thread activity via Facebook & Twitter…I’m the crazy one running the social media so judge me for any weird tweets or FB posts, not the magazine overall.

>>>A few favorite spreads:

>>>Alsooo my fellow queen Aimee & I wrote an internship survival story sharing tips and tricks we learned from our internship at Marie Claire. To read the actual story and our internship tips, visit pages 149-155 in Thread.

Obsessing over:

>>>Mila Kunis on the March 2011 cover of W Magazine. Oh. my. gosh. I’m in LOVE with this photo shoot! Feathers, ruffles, sheer fabrics, that white Chanel coat, the black Marchesa lace jumpsuit..the dreamy clothes are INSANE. This issue hits new stands on Feb. 25. I love her quote from the interview: “I was never raised to think that I was pretty,” she says of her parents. “They would point out personality traits—‘Our daughter is really quirky’—versus what I look like, because inevitably, looks go, so it makes no difference.” Queen status, I think yes.

Hope your Tuesday is full of joy and excitement! This post is “Part 2″ because I posted the first “Inspired by, Obsessing over, In love with” post a few months ago featuring inspirational quotes, Thread & a favorite fashion magazine spread. Today I have the Nicki Minaj lyrics stuck in my head: “No I’m not lucky, I’m blessed, yes.” We have so much to be thankful for so take a moment today to soak up and appreciate all that life has to offer! Until next time, xo queens!

NY photo diary

>>>>Aimee and I have been taking pics of our outfits during our first week in the Big Apple. Next Monday, I’ll post pictures from this week’s outfits. What do you think? At work, we also received chocolate covered fortune cookies from Henri Bendel and we are both LOVING our fortunes. So cute.
Aimee’s: “Whether jet-setting or trend-setting, you are always one step ahead of the crowd when it comes to style.”
Mine: “Excitement and intrigue follow you wherever you wander. Put one well-heeled foot in front of the other and strut your way to a stylish future.”

>>>>Have a fabulous and fashionable week!

Empire State of Mind.

>>>I have some exciting news! So my fellow fabulous queen Aimee and I have been finalizing plans and finally have solidified that WE WILL BE LIVING IN NEW YORK OVER WINTER BREAK!!! We are interning between Thanksgiving and Christmas and couldn’t be more thrilled to soak up the NYC life. In my excitement and avoidance of the 103474 things I need to do, I decided to post some NYC pics that caught my eye. What are your favorite places in NYC? Where should we explore? Thanks for any suggestions!

Bow Bridge in Central Park


Brooklyn Bridge

Financial District

>>>Music: Currently jamming to Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z & Alicia Keys. “New York! Concrete jungle where dreams are made of. There’s nothing you can’t do, now you’re in New York! These streets will make you feel brand new, the lights will inspire you. Let’s hear it for New York, New York, New York.”

NYC Images via NY Through The Lens. Have a great Tuesday!

10 Things I Wish I Knew

Loved this post from Student Branding Blog titled  Ten Things I Wish I Knew Before I Entered the “Real World”: Part 1 by Cassandra Hale, the Hyatt Recruiting Manager. It was posted by Heidi Radakovich on Tuesday, November 2nd.  It’s a fabulous post and you should subscribe to Student Branding Blog e-mail updates and follow the founder, Dan Schawbel, on Twitter!

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Entered the “Real World”

10. EXPERIENCE IT ALL—-Most of us start in one area with a specific career goal and end up on a totally different path. The moral of this story is to try anything and everything, and to not shut out certain opportunities that you don’t think you would like or want to do. You will never know what you like unless you try.

9. BE MARKETABLE—-Developing your personal brand is like running your own business. It involves a business plan which includes your personal goals and mission statement. Make sure you are marketing yourself towards the target market in which you want to be known. This way the people you want to make an impression on know who you are and what you have to offer.  Figure out your best characteristics and continue to work on these in order to for them to become a part of your personal brand. Determine what you are naturally good at and what comes easy for you. Finding a job that allows you to utilize these strengths will help you achieve the goal of never working a day in your life.

8. Speed dating—-First impressions have a major impact and you can’t take them back. When meeting fellow associates, clients and/or others in the industry for the first time, it is important to remember to put your best self forward. Your best self should include how you present yourself in regards to your professional dress, demeanor, mannerisms, actions and words. There is a time and a place for everything and understanding what is appropriate and what is not in each situation is key.

7. you are what you eat—-Just as you should be involved in extracurricular activities during your college career, you should be involved in activities both within your company and in the community during your professional career. What you involve yourself in and attach your name to, speaks to who you are. Most companies are involved in community efforts and have committees within their organization. Raise your hand and volunteer to be a part of these opportunities! Not only do they look good on your resume, and help you to move forward in your career, they are also great ways to network.

6. Be true to yourself—Look at every option in the industry that you want to work. Meet  and interview with company representatives conduct research on the company and job opportunities. The people who make up a company and the culture it creates is what really sets it apart from others. Being your true self and finding a place where that is not only appreciated but encouraged will help you find a company where you can learn and grow. By being your authentic self from beginning to end and exploring all of your options you can’t go wrong!


October 10, 2010 at 10:10 a.m. marked the online launch of GenJuice! GenJuice was founded by Arielle Scott, Danielle Leslie and Virgilia Singh and these rockstar ladies wanted to create a place for emerging influencers. They strive to help others Quit & Createto stop working and living life in a way that makes them unhappy and unsatisfied and do something proactive to change it. GenJuice holds speaking tours across the country; last year they took place in 13 cities around the country and connected over 35,000 Gen-Yers online and in person.

Our big mission is to help 1 million young people across the world quit stalling and start creating a path to who they want to be.

GenJuice team has decided to become the #1 destination and resource for emerging influencers. We define emerging influencers as young people innovating within their industries. GenJuice now provides content, events, products and a community for young people, primarily ages 17-29.

The posts are divided into the following categories: Arts & CultureBusiness & LifestyleGlobal Affairs & LawSocial Change and Technology & Innovation. The screen shot of my first post on GenJuice “What about my future?!” is below and I chat about one of my favorite quotes by Henry David Thoreau “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.” I’ll be creating content for GenJuice focused on maintaining balance and happiness while transitioning from college to “the real world.” I’m excited to be on board and let me know what you think of my post and GenJuice overall! Have a happy Tuesday queens!

How-to: The Cover Letter

I love to bounce ideas off of my friends-both in the personal and in the professional realm. When Aimee was chatting w/ me about writing a cover letter, Jamie suggested the idea that I write a “how to write an effective cover letter” blog post. I am in no way, shape or form an “expert” but I have written my fair share of cover letters for different positions, jobs and internships and decided to take Jamie’s suggestion. Annnd here it goes:

The purpose of a cover letter to to explain WHY you are submitting a resume and is an introduction tool between you and the employer, internship coordinator or whoever you are writing to. The cover letter allows you to EXPAND on the skills and experience in your resume and is your time to sell yourself. You want your cover letter to make the person reading interested in contacting and/or interviewing you. One main thing to remember is the cover letter focus is on WHAT YOU CAN GIVE THE COMPANY, not what you want from them. Some quick tips:

  • No, no, no grammatical errors. Ever. Proofread your cover letter and have a classmate/professor/someone other than you reread to make sure there are no simple errors, including spelling and sentence structure.
  • Find out who is responsible for hiring and address the cover letter directly to them. “To Whom It May Concern” works, but directly addressing it proves you want the job and can take the time to research the company in detail.
  • Make sure you explicitly include what position you’re applying for, how you found out about the position and why you are interested in the company. Try to keep this to 2-3 sentences!
  • No “one size fits all” cover letter. Each job you are applying for needs a different, personalized cover letter because each job has a different description. You can include the same info, but make sure it is phrased in a way that relates to that particular company/job.
  • Always include your cover letter! Include cover letter in applications with your resume, even when it’s not requested initially.

THE BASICS Begin the cover letter with your name, address, contact information at the top either centered (similar to a resume format-example here) or in the top corner. Personally, I usually put my contact information in the top right hand corner, center the date and address it on the left-hand side (example here) Many people choose to left-align all information (example: here) Regardless of where you are placing this info, keep the cover letter to ONE PAGE and make sure you always include: your name, address, phone number, email and the date. Additionally, include the company name and address and then: “Dear [direct Dr./Mr/Ms./Mrs. first and last name of whoever is responsible for hiring]“

WHAT KIND? Two types of cover letters for two separate purposes:

  1. “Cover letter to apply” where you are applying for a certain position with an organization or company. This is in response to a job posting and the type of cover letter where you expand upon experiences that relate to the position you’re applying for.
  2. “Cover letter to inquire” [more information] This is a letter asking about potential openings that you are not yet aware of or haven’t been publicized.

GET ACTIVE. You should be using active verbs to describe your experiences, skills and accomplishments not only your resume, but on your cover letter! Expand on the active words you used in your resume and relate them to specifically to the job description.Now is your time to go more in-depth and explain HOW and WHY you fit the requirements and would the perfect candidate. Don’t overuse the words “My, me, mine, I” blah blah blah. The job of the cover letter is to take the active verbs and explain how you will be an asset to that particular company.

Example of ACTIVE words you could use on resume/cover letter

WHAT ELSE? The cover letter is also a good time to expand on skills and attributes you can bring to the job environment that you wouldn’t necessarily post on a resume (read my “What Isn’t on the Resume” post here) This includes, but isn’t limited to: listening skills, accountability, teamwork, responsibility, multi-tasking, creativity, and so on.

WRAPPING UP. When concluding your cover letter, don’t forget to say thank you for the opportunity to apply and for their time and consideration. Mine currently says, “I’ve included my resume with this cover letter and would be more than happy to put you in contact with references. I look forward to hearing from you.” It’s essential to really prove that you want to be in contact with them. You could also say, “I will be following up with you in the next week.” Being proactive is always a good thing.

Whatever you may be applying for, the role of the cover letter is to convey why you are an asset to the organization and what you can bring to the table. Highlight and expand on what you’ve included in your resume and other personal skills and traits you have that you can bring to this work environment. Most likely, you are completely qualified for the position you’re applying for and now you just need to express why and how to the employer. Good luck!

FWD: What isn’t on the resume

I actually wrote this blog post last summer on another blog and was re-reading it today and liked it! I agree with everything I posted originally, and realize just how important these skills/traits are now as I’m a year older. I added pictures I like for a little visual effect [the post is long, but good, I promise!] Enjoy queens!

July 21, 2009: I honestly feel like I have to redo, update, change, check or do SOMETHING to my resume all the time. I’ll see someone else’s, or another design and decide to format mine differently. I’ll think of a new verb to describe perfectly just what was done at each internship, each club, each class. I’ll try to find different ways to communicate all I did in one summer, or one school year into three bullet-point sentences. It’s kind of hard to describe twelve full weeks of opportunity and experience with three bullet points with three extremely important verbs. It is for me at least. How do I decide what is the absolutely most important thing to include on the 8 1/2 by 11″ piece of paper that says “Who I am” and “What I have done” and “How I have succeeded” ? I have absolutely no idea.

My thought is this…there are so many things people can bring to the table when applying for jobs, internships or doing anything really. There are more important aspects about a person than the three bullet-points they use to describe their time spent on a job. I’m not saying this to devalue work/internship experience or on-campus involvement, but there is more you can bring to any environment than just that. I want to highlight four traits and aspects you can additionally bring to a new environment.

The queen of positive thinking & good attitudes

1. ATTITUDE: It’s not like someone can just list “positive attitude” on a resume. But what you can do is make sure to display a positive attitude at all interviews, every day at work (helllooooo References?) and strive to maintain a “glass half full” mindset in all circumstances–work-related. I chose try to have that attitude at all time in life. How would it feel to apply for a job and when someone called your former boss (your reference) they found out you were negative almost all the time? Do you think you would get the job even if you did have the three or four “perfect sentences” to describe your “perfect internship” ? Even if you have experience, people want to work with you and be around you when you have a positive personality. Most people generally don’t want to work with or surround themselves with someone who is grumpy, pessimistic and always acting…dead. Do you? Be optimistic and cheerful. It’ll go a long way!
2. TEAMWORK: Again, I can’t just write “I play well with others” on my resume. It’s not exactly the type of sentence to include on the crucial bullet-point sentences. But working well with others is very important throughout the workforce and life. This means being a leader at times, but understanding when it’s time to be a listener. It’s taking the focus off of MY ideas and plans and channeling together with others for the common goals and success of a team, family or workplace.

One of my favorite "teams" to be on: UPC

3. HARD WORK: It’s so easy to be lazy and tired. Waking up at 6 a.m. is not exactly the best part of my day and it would definitely be easy to complain, especially when Starbucks is closed. It’s important to not sit around and act tired or bored. Not only does hard work mean not being lazy, but it means not doing jobs, tasks and activities half-ass. (Can I say that on this blog? I hope so?) A job or project that’s half finished or only partially correct or successful isn’t exactly what employers are striving for. Annnd…although hard work will by the end of the day make you MORE tired, it is refreshing to get the job done completely right and accurately. Again, I wouldn’t want my reference to say “Yeah, Andi had a great press release that she sent to a few media outlets. She just didn’t feel like sending it to more.” Do the job right, and do it completely…start to finish!
4. OPPORTUNITY CHASER: The last quality that wouldn’t exactly be listed on a resume, but should be played out in everyday interactions and life experiences would be to become an opportunity chaser. This completely relates to the work environment as well. Don’t settle for something you don’t want. I‘ve learned that there will be lots of doors opened for me, and I need to run toward them to get what I want! Although a lot of doors will close, and opportunities will not turn out successful, it’s important to go after what you, or a company, or a team wants. You will NEVER get your dream job if you don’t try. You usually won’t get someone to cover your event unless you contact them. DO SOMETHING about what you want to happen. Mark Batterson wrote in his book “In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day” that “A willingness to fail is a prerequisite for success.” It has literally been my favorite quote since.

One of my first days in DC (Summer 2009)

Sorry for lots of rambling on, but I really do feel passionate about personality characteristics that matter and that won’t necessarily describe you on a piece of paper. You are more than what three or four bullet-point sentences describe your internships and jobs. Don’t you think you have more to offer? Live your life-everyday experiences and interactions-in a way that make you someone others want to not only work with, but be around and spend time with.

—-It’s amazing how much you change in a year and yet how some ideas and thoughts stay completely the same. I still value positivity, hard work, teamwork and chasing opportunities as much as I did last summer and hope I continue to feel that way in the future. Thanks for reading and recent blog posts I’ve wrote about internships/opportunities are here, here and here.

My summer: Expectations & Opportunities

I wish I could tell you that this summer was exactly what I expected. That is quite the opposite, but looking back on the twelve week stretch, I’m so happy that my attitude switched about the summer. My dad helped me move out of my beautiful brick-walled apartment in Athens  and back into my parents house four hours away in early June. My girlfriends were scattered for the summer-one staying at OSU, one playing summer volleyball at Kent, one interning for Vera Bradley in Fort Wayne, and so on. Every journalism student that I talked to from school was planning on having a glamourous summer interning in New York or Chicago.

Kerry in my room during a visit to Athens. Wanted to show you just how cute our walls/entire apartment was!

I, on the other hand, was not moving to a huge city and living a fabulous life. My summer job: lifeguard manager. I’ve been a lifeguard every summer since I was sixteen; besides for last summer when I interned in DC. Don’t be fooled; most lifeguarding jobs are nothing near Baywatch excitement, glamour and sex appeal. Mine definitely is NOT. The only similarity is the red swimsuit (I spent two days devastated that mine didn’t fit like it did when I was in high school). Needless to say, I sort of had this feeling that I was missing out on something that all of my friends were experiencing this summer.

That’s where I was wrong. I didn’t miss out, but instead, experienced and learned more than I had EVER planned. I know my friends had a blast this summer. They gained valuable internship/work experience and enjoyed lovely metropolitan life, but looking back, I wouldn’t trade my summer for another opportunity. I still interned this summer and learned just as much, if not more, through this my virtual internship with Intern Queen. I also worked with three girls who are definitely going places-Chandra, Alyssa and Kayla. Working with these three girls who I had (and still haven’t!) met face-to-face reiterated for me the importance of networking; especially out of your own little circle of friends and acquaintances. I was also able to network with PR professionals (thanks Paul & David!) when I visited friends in Chicago.

Caramel macchiatos before meeting up with Paul & David

I actually learned more about myself personally this summer than any other time in my life. No, I didn’t gain experience with media monitoring, social media, and other PR “tasks” while lifeguarding, but I learned lessons that affect me personally, can transition into my routine back at school, and assist me in a future career. Lessons learned from LIFEGUARDING. Going into the summer, I didn’t think it would be possible to learn anything except how to maximize my tan. I could ramble on forever, but a few below:

  • Every single person you meet is different. Respect that. It’s not always going to be easy to work with people who think and act differently than you do. Learning to work with a diverse group of people and respecting the differences you have will make life WAY easier.
  • Don’t get on a power-trip about age or experience level. I was working with people who just graduated high school and clearly, life experiences vary a lot between high school and college. I shifted my attitude this summer and made a conscientious effort to treat younger people as equals. It’s an awesome opportunity to “mentor” someone and to be in a leadership position. Working with people a few years younger than me allowed me to give them advice about their transition to college or just about our lifeguarding job in general. I’ve been lucky enough to have awesome role models and mentors throughout life and being able to help people younger than me was actually very beneficial to me.

    My cousin Erin is a year older than me and the absolute best mentor anyone could ask for.

  • I am more than the job I have. I need to repeat this to myself 4x. The job I have does not fully represent who I am as a person. My job does not define me. I’m not underestimating the importance of jobs and internships—that’s the reason we are in college; to obtain an education to prepare us for a future career. At the beginning of the summer, I was nervous what people would think about me when I told them I was living at home and working at a pool/doing a virtual internship. This summer has emphasized to me that I shouldn’t be so concerned with what others think of my choices. This summer I was able to save money (so I can travel here and visit my cousin here specifically) and spend time with my family who I don’t see enough of. I still have huge career plans for my future-but my life encompasses more than the places I’ve worked or interned. This summer highlighted how important this is to remember!

Don’t let preconceived ideas and expectations prevent you from amazing opportunities. I’m definitely glad I changed my view and attitude on my summer  and work situation. I’m glad I chose to not let others’ opinions hinder my summer, but instead made the most out of the opportunity I was in at the time. That’s exactly why I created this blog; to help me remember to learn from all situations and opportunities. And that’s the best crown polish a gal can ask for.