Happy positive Thursday! My friend Sarah and I always called Thursdays “Positive Thursdays” to make a conscious effort to be cheerful, upbeat and optimistic during the long day. It’s sort of stuck for us; that was “invented” seven years ago! I can’t believe I haven’t share my love obsession with WILDFOX on this blog yet because I literally go to their website on a daily basis.

Before I begin, let’s just kick off with a quote on their website to give you a glimpse into their ridiculousness: “She is the Native heart, she is all neon light, she is love child, she is a WILDFOX.”

I first learned of WILDFOX two years ago, and the company has never ceased to make me laugh and lust their  clothing with each look-book they release. The L.A. based company was started by Kimberly Gordon and Emily Faulstich in 2006, with ten collections released since their establishment [Read more about company here].

True geniuses

They also have a blog, Facebook and Twitter to update you on their latest happenings. This vintage-inspired company is gaining a quick popularity among celebrities (see below) and is now available in 30 countries. I just learned today that WILDFOX released a kids’ line LITTLEFOX last fall and I’m sure you can take a wild guess what my mini-queens will wear if I ever have children.

T-Swift rocking the Love Potion No. 9 top


So I’m sure by now you understand my infatuation with WILDFOX, but aren’t you ready for some pictures? The blog post was my excuse to go through all of their look books to choose my three favorite shots. At the bottom, you can find links to each of the look books! Images from nine of the ten look books are below. Get ready to laugh and fall in love beautyqueens!

Summer 2010: You’re a Doll!

Yacht Club Doll

Cocktail Hour Doll

Hippy Doll

Spring 2010: Young Guns

Fall 2009: Love Bites

Summer 2009: All Grown Up (And No One Can Tell Us What To Do)

No. 5 Playing Dress Up

No. 19 Pool Parties

No. 31 Serious Truth or Dare

Spring 2009: DAZED

Winter 2008:

Fall 2008:

Summer 2008:

Spring 2008:
WILDFOX LOOK BOOKS: Spring 2008, Summer 2008, Fall 2008, Winter 2008, A CLOSE SECOND PLACE FAVORITE Spring 2009, Summer 2009, Fall 2009, MY ABSOLUTE FAVE COLLECTION Spring 2010, Summer 2010, NEW Fall 2010

>>So start SHOPPING & have a wild(foxy) weekend.

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