Friends, fam, food, fabulousness.

Crown polish updates in my life:

  • HOMECOMING was last weekend at Ohio University, so clearly, I was soaking up life, the amazing fall weather and most importantly: my friends! I love this roommate pic of Ashley, Tess, B and I (Amber will be photoshopped in shortly).

    Fam foto.

  • My NYC queenie Caitlin sent me three B-E-A-U-Tiful articles of clothing from a sample sale at her job @ Saks. Can’t wait to post pictures of this ridiculous black dress w/ zippers up both sides, an All Saints cape, and the coziest off-the-shoulder sweater dress.
  • My #1 queen Paigers accidentally left her fabulous Michael Kors heels here the weekend she came to visit, soooo after flipping out at least twice about outfit decisions, she suggested wearing these MK beauties. How can you be in a bad mood when wearing these? Sadly for me [and happily for Paige!] I am mailing back to her tomorrow!

    INSANE. 100% worth the blisters.

  • This past weekend, I drove to Dayton Saturday morning to stay at a hotel with my Mom and Pal for the night. Pal had a soccer tournament; I needed to get out of town for a night; and the trip seemed like a perfect solution. The quick trip was jam-packed with a shopping, amazing meals  at Olive Garden & Panera, Hope’s soccer game, Long Skype convos with Kt, King-size beds, and lots of coffee and tea dates with Mom. Just what I needed after a ridiculously long week.

    Love these two!

On a random note, I was skimming through my a post from this summer [ “Meal Routines” ] and it made me want to post pictures of aaaaa-mazing meals I’ve had lately (especially this weekend!) Check these out and start drooling. I hope you all have had a great couple of days and have an even better upcoming week! Happy Monday!!!

Brio pasta before moving back to Athens!

Stephens green linguini. Ultimate crown polish when you've had a bad week

Vegetarian sushi...from Kroger...equally stellar!

Dinner in bed. Sabra, smashed veggies, pitas

My roommates are chefs.

Leftover Cheesecake Fact. lettuce wraps with flatbread crackers & mozz

0live Garden salad. I think I had 4 before my main entree?

Panera's new mixed greens salad. Say yeah.

SUMMER meal flashback. Need my mom to make me beautiful snacks like this ASAP


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