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>>>Chhhhhheeeeeck out Jeffrey Campbell‘s new Pink Rock collection! According to the lookbook, the collection inspiration is: gutter-punk glamour, studs and roses, leather and bows, denim and pearls, zippers and ruffles. You know I’m a fan of J. Campbell shoez…I blogged about the Small Town Hero collection last week. HAPPY TUESDAY!


Ah la la la la life is wonderful…

>>>wonderful Thanksgiving: My mom decorated the Thanksgiving lunch table so cute I just had to share. We also started a new tradition of writing a little note to everyone at the table explaining why we are thankful for that person. Next to each plate was a little box/basket where all the notes were placed. So typical of my mom, so adorb.

>>>WOnderful nyc: Couldn’t help but obsess over the beautiful color-changing lights at the Shops at Columbus Circle. The mall is right next door to where I’ll be interning so I can grab a cup of coffee and stare in awe.

>>>Wonderful happiness!: Fueling the happiness fire by skimming this book online. The excerpt is from The Nine Rooms of Happiness: Loving Yourself, Finding your Purpose and Getting Over Life’s Imperfections book accessed via a Self Magazine blog post.

Even in the face of overwhelming evidence that I’m lucky and loved, these glass-half-empty-isms fill me with feelings of inadequacy, dissatisfaction and guilt.Did I say me? I meant we. All of us. All women.We struggle every day to achieve a happy, balanced life, yet we allow the slightest misstep to throw us off-kilter. And it’s usually the little things that knock us sideways—family squabbles, friend tensions, job uncertainty, body-image issues. I think of these as X, Y, Z problems because they’re the ones that should come at the end of a list of happiness stealers. The life-and-death issues—illness, loss of a loved one, divorce, financial ruin, real trauma—we tend to face with courage, forbearance, even grace. Our challenge is to make sure our minor problems don’t grow into full-scale issues because we’ve allowed them to persist and take over our lives. In fact, if you don’t take care of an X, Y or Z problem, it can become a major life event.

>>>wonderful headbands: So surprising…I know…Remember when I posted about my headband love here? Aimee and I can’t stop laughing about how we have so many of the same headbands. Great minds think alike!?

Ah la la la la life is wonderful. This entire post reminds me of Jason Mraz’ song “Life is Wonderful.” Download ASAP. Tomorrow is my first day interning at Marie Claire so I’ll keep you posted (literally) with details. Have a WONDERFUL week!


Lust, thankfulness, sleepiness, inspiration.

Happy Holidays from ZARA

Thanks to because i’m addicted for sharing pics from the Zara Holiday collection.

>>>I’m currently sitting in the airport in a FEW different MINDSETS:

  • In Zara lust. I can’t wait to shop for holiday dresses!
  • In EXTREME thankfulness that both my suitcases were under 50 pounds. 48.5 and 45.5 to be exact. NYC here I come!
  • In sleep mode. I feel half-alive/awake due to being awake since 1:30 am. Black Friday shopping at its finest. Pictures to come soon!

    After being awake 7 hours, we still look like zombies....

  • In inspiration mode (my favorite mindset, obv.) I wanted to share something I stumbled upon on via Tiny Buddha called “30 Things to Appreciate about You.” I shortened the list down to fifteen. These are f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s pick-me-ups to remind yourself how great you are!

The Good Things You Do for You:

  1. You let yourself learn new things, which helps you grow and contribute to the world.
  2. You bounce back from bad days and disappointments.
  3. You do what’s right for you, even if it’s not easy to say no to other people (and even if you occasionally people please).
  4. You choose to be around people who make you feel good about yourself.
  5. You work toward goals that make you feel passionate and purposeful.

The Good Things You Do for Other People:

  1. You have good intentions.
  2. You accept people for who they are and try to keep an open mind.
  3. You make selfless decisions to look out for the people you love, even if not always.
  4. You vocalize it when you notice something you value, admire, or appreciate in someone else.
  5. You help other people reach their potential.

The Good Things You Do for the World:

  1. You care about your work, or something you do outside it, and you do it passionately.
  2. You want to make a difference.
  3. You vote to create positive change.
  4. You teach something valuable to someone every day, whether you realize it or not.
  5. You make positive changes in yourself—and being the change you want to see is the best way to change the world.

Update: I lost my Internet connection in the airport when I was writing this, so I’m posting the next morning. I’m finally in NYC!!! Details/pictures to come, but this morning Cait, Aimee and I are out to explore the city! Enjoy your silly Saturday queens! Go Buckeyes!!!

Be better than you were yesterday.

>>>A little bit more Words for Wednesday brain fuel… What does passion mean to you?

What you are passionate about often is the #1 thing that challenges you and frustrates you... I know from experience, that pursuing your passion often leads to falling flat on your face. That’s the exciting part about it though! Forcing yourself to move on after not succeeding as you may have hoped is hard; but completely worthwhile. Taking risks to pursue your passion is what makes the twists, turns, and hard parts rewarding in the end.

Coming to the brilliant realization of what your passion actually is and what you were made to do is an amazing feeling. The equally exciting part is the journey and ride toward your aspirations and passion. This Jonathon Ive quote is on my radar lately and really emphasized to me how fabulous it is to find out what your passion is and how the feeling is 100x deeper after confidently pursuing your passion. “It’s actually a rare and precious thing to discover what it is you love to do, and I encourage you to remain unapologetically consumed by it. Be faithful to your gift and very confident in its value.”

>>Read more about my thoughts about finding your passion in my latest Genjuice post “P is for Passion”

Have a very happy Holiday! Enjoy time spent with family and friends and take time to appreciate things you often forget. Oh yes, I wanted to share my new hair change with you!! Happy Thanksgiving!!


>>>I try to recognize what I’m thankful for every day, but with the holiday approaching, it’s an obvious time to compile a list of things I’m thankful for:

  • My family. {Including, but not limited to: My parents, grandparents, Kerry, Katie, Pal, our pups, cousins, aunts, uncles.}

  • Rugby & Max

  • Independence, freedom

  • College. {OU,  Athens, a strong education}

    I love my school, I love my school, I love my school.

  • A BLOG {that I can utilize as an outlet to share what’s on my mind and heart}


  • Challenges
  • Silliness, {Hysteria, laughter.} Case in point:




  • optimism.{Cheerfulness, joy, happiness}


  • Traditions, {like annual Christmas pictures by the tree}

    Christmas 2007

    Christmas 2008

  • RelationshipS
  • Delicious meals. {Hey, we all will be feasting Thursday?!}
  • Unconditional love
  • Memories 

  • Queens.

>>>I’m thankful for the situations and experiences I’ve been in, even though they seemed miserable at the time. I’m thankful to have family and friends who stick by me no matter what and still accept me even at my worst. I’m thankful for constant inspiration and motivation to pursue the future confidently and with ease.  Happy Thanksgiving! What are you thankful for?

Notice that every girl wanna be in her shoes.

>>>THIS is the 100th blog post on Polish My Crown! Yay! This calls for celebration and most celebrations that I enjoy require high heels. What better way to soak up the moment (and this dreary Monday) besides for A NEW LOOKBOOK! Jeffrey Campbell‘s Spring/Summer 2011 “Small Town Hero” collection features jaw-dropping wedges and heels in this unique photo shoot. Even though I’m excited for fall and winter clothes/shoes for now, I thoroughly enjoyed a peak at some warm-weather gear. Get ready to be bombarded in shoe heaven and hold on to your credit card for dear life. Enjoy!

Nothing short of fantastic. What shoes were your favorite? Check out the full Jeffrey Campbell S/S 2011 Digital Lookbook here! Continue the celebration by jamming to Her Shoes by Akon:

Notice that every girl wanna be in, (her shoes)
Trying hard hoping they fit in, (her shoes)
You’re wanna be walkin’ in, (her shoes)
What it takes to be slippin’ in, (her shoes)

PS: Solestruck is having a contest about the lookbook! I’ve blogged about this shoe heaven website before (here). The contest is EASY. All you do is pick your favorite Jeffrey Campbell shoe and comment on the Solestruck Blog post about the Small Town Hero collection! They will order the shoe with the most votes—and then one entry will win that shoe! 

Love it. Happy Monday beauties!

Faves from: Marie Claire, Vogue, Jalouse, InStyle

>>>Leighton Meester=Wild Child.

DISCO POUT "When I put on lipstick, I don't need much else" -Leighton

PLAITED BUN "Rake back hair with your fingers and secure the pony on the crown. Then plait the tail, wind it around the base, secure with pins and leave the ends visible."


TUCKED UP "Mimicking a bob with long hair gives a different silhouette, accentuates the jawline and gives extra body"

SMOKEY EYES "I advise everyone to flirt with their eyes," says Leighton. "People will approach you more and you'll feel more confident."

DIPPED ENDS "Dipping the ends with a light colour gives a cool, lived-in edge"

PUNKY TOPKNOT After seasons of ladylike updos, it seems topknots are now the pinnacle of sexiness, giving a rebellious look. "This is a dangerous party-girl 'do'," says Leighton.

Above images via Marie Claire UK (December 2010)

>>>Combat boots, boho skirts, cozy sweaters, wavy hair.

Above images via Vogue Germany (December 2010)

>>>Alexandra Richards’ rockstar lifestyle

Above images via Jalouse (November 2010)

>>>Rachel: “I love a high heel. The higher the better.”

Above images via InStyle (November 2010)