Obsessing over LANVIN FOR H&M

Is there a rule for posting two blogs posts in one day? Well, I’m exempting myself from that because Lanvin for H&M‘s full ad campaign and lookbook (with prices) were released today. The past thirty minutes of History class were just spent frantically lusting over every single thing and posting a few favorites. Thank GOD Emily sent me the Fashionologie link. Check out SEVENTY PAGES of beauty and fabulous fashion on their site here.

Ad Campaign

Ad Campaign

Dress: $199 Belt (worn as necklace): $19.95 Leather gloves: $49.95 Bracelet: $29.95 Brooch: $19.95 Necklace (worn as belt): $29.95 Shoes: $99 Sunglasses: $19.95

T-shirt: $39.95 Skirt: $59.95 Jacket: $149 Shoes: $99 Necklace: $29.95 Belt (worn as necklace): $19.95 Sunglasses: $19.95

Dress: $99 Gloves: $49.95 Shoes: $99 Sunglasses: $19.95

Jacket: $59.95

Dress: $149

Shoes: $99

Dress: $249

I highly advise checking out the entire collection and making your way to your nearest H&M on November 20 when the Lanvin for H&M collection is released. What better way to have an afternoon pick-me-up than designer fashion at a semi-affordable price? Lust away. XO


2 responses to “Obsessing over LANVIN FOR H&M

  1. awwww thanks for the cred/link! haha you’re too sweet.
    knew you hadda see!

  2. Thank you very much again ..

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