Ah la la la la life is wonderful…

>>>wonderful Thanksgiving: My mom decorated the Thanksgiving lunch table so cute I just had to share. We also started a new tradition of writing a little note to everyone at the table explaining why we are thankful for that person. Next to each plate was a little box/basket where all the notes were placed. So typical of my mom, so adorb.

>>>WOnderful nyc: Couldn’t help but obsess over the beautiful color-changing lights at the Shops at Columbus Circle. The mall is right next door to where I’ll be interning so I can grab a cup of coffee and stare in awe.

>>>Wonderful happiness!: Fueling the happiness fire by skimming this book online. The excerpt is from The Nine Rooms of Happiness: Loving Yourself, Finding your Purpose and Getting Over Life’s Imperfections book accessed via a Self Magazine blog post.

Even in the face of overwhelming evidence that I’m lucky and loved, these glass-half-empty-isms fill me with feelings of inadequacy, dissatisfaction and guilt.Did I say me? I meant we. All of us. All women.We struggle every day to achieve a happy, balanced life, yet we allow the slightest misstep to throw us off-kilter. And it’s usually the little things that knock us sideways—family squabbles, friend tensions, job uncertainty, body-image issues. I think of these as X, Y, Z problems because they’re the ones that should come at the end of a list of happiness stealers. The life-and-death issues—illness, loss of a loved one, divorce, financial ruin, real trauma—we tend to face with courage, forbearance, even grace. Our challenge is to make sure our minor problems don’t grow into full-scale issues because we’ve allowed them to persist and take over our lives. In fact, if you don’t take care of an X, Y or Z problem, it can become a major life event.

>>>wonderful headbands: So surprising…I know…Remember when I posted about my headband love here? Aimee and I can’t stop laughing about how we have so many of the same headbands. Great minds think alike!?

Ah la la la la life is wonderful. This entire post reminds me of Jason Mraz’ song “Life is Wonderful.” Download ASAP. Tomorrow is my first day interning at Marie Claire so I’ll keep you posted (literally) with details. Have a WONDERFUL week!



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