NY Photo Diary II

>>>I apologize for the lack of blog posts this weekend! Four fabulous queens-Sam, Emily, Paige & Connor- came to visit us from Thursday until tonight. I’ve been soaking up my last few days in the city with some favorite people and it’s been nothing less than a-mazing. Aim and I have tried to document our outfits while we’ve been here, so here are a few recent ones. Happy Monday!

Too cold to function/pose for a picture.


>>>This is the second outfit blog post while we’ve been in NYC. Check out our NY Photo Diary I for more outfits. xx


2 responses to “NY Photo Diary II

  1. We almost had a crotch shot with Amez in numba three…close call.

    Despite that, I loved it all! Made me long for New York…and an olive jacket…hmmm.

    I want the deeeets upon your return!

  2. Thx babe!!! It’s nice that we can share clothes! YES A catch-up sess is much needed at Pawpurrs ASAP. I look forward to it! Merry Christmas & Happy New Yr beauty!!!

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