Age is just a number.

role model noun

“a person whose behavior, example, or success is or can be
emulated by others, esp. by younger people.”

>>>I’ve been beyond blessed to have some a-mazing mentors and role models in my life who have encouraged me to be the best person I can be and support me through thick and thin. For me, it’s so easy to think of a “role model” as someone older than me who I aspire to be like one day. One realization I’ve been coming to lately is I can “look up” to people who are younger than me in age. I wanted to post about five girls I admire that are all younger than me and have reminded me that a role model can be anyone who inspires you, regardless of age.

>>>I’ve known Ali (@Sally_Pinata) the longest out of the five girls and she has definitely become one of my best friends! We met my sophomore year and her freshmen year of college through mutual guy friends and our affinity for the Pittsburgh Penguins and wearing flowers in our hair. Ali is a go-to friend for constant cheerfulness, a positive attitude, and a fun time. She also is always there when I need to talk about serious or upsetting things and would drop anything for anyone. Plus, don’t even get me started on her fabulous style. She emphasizes to me that I’m not defined by my past and encourages me to continue living a better and happier life. Such. a. queen.

>>>I met Becca (@BeccaGoodburn) last year through a student organization and am constantly impressed by her all the time. She is always on top of everything, always helpful, always laid-back and always willing to do whatever. She is a PR maven and does such a great job of juggling different responsibilities and priorities in her life. Annnd she interned in NYC this past summer, too cool. Aside from serious and professional qualities, she is a ball of fun and excitement and a blast to be around. I’m so so glad I’ve gotten to know her more this year especially. She has been so encouraging and supportive of me since the day I met her and has reminded me that I need to continuously try to find ways to encourage and help others.

>>>I don’t know what other friend I could honestly say: “She has her life put together” other than Anna (@ALuczk). I met her last year when we had a class together, but now we are involved in several organizations together, work out weekly together and close friends. She is also one of the smartest girls I know and one of the hardest workers I know. Even though she’s a year younger than me, she has her life so much more put together than I ever will; so jealous! Anna has taught me the importance of finding balance in your life and how vital it is to maintain all physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social aspects of life!

>>>Kellie (@Kellie_Snyder) is literally the most upbeat person I’ve ever met. There’s constantly a smile on her face and she is bubbly, happy and cheerful at all times. She’s also only a sophomore, but has seriously strong writing skills. I don’t know her super well yet, but I am incredibly impressed by how professional she is, but also so personable and fun. Make sure to read her blog here. Although I’ve only know Kellie for a short period of time, I look up to her because she is always so full of life and full of joy.

>>>Catherine (@catcald) is someone I met last year and I’m so happy to be friends with her now! She is someone I look up to because, similar to the girls above, seems to have a perfect balance of her life. She is extremely involved in organizations, gets awesome grades, travels, and enjoys life. Being so busy would stress so many people out, but she always seems so calm, cool and collected. You can check out her awesome blog here. I’m excited to continue getting to know her more and she reminds me that I need to sometimes just stop, breathe and not freak out about little things.

>>>My perception of “who” a role model can be has definitely changed as I’ve grown up and met so many influential people. These give girls would all fall into that category. Age is just a number and it’s been such a blessing getting to know new people throughout college. It seems like every year I meet new people who continue to inspire and influence me in different ways and I love it! Ali, Becca, Anna, Kellie and Catherine all remind me of one of my favorite simple quotes: Let no one leave you without feeling happier or better. I know I am a better and happier person simply through their impact on my life. Thank you queens!


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