What is happiness?

>>>Happiness, to me, is many things. I am truly happy when I am content with myself. Not my appearance, not my accomplishments, not my acquaintances- just me. I am truly happy when I discover something, or someone, that enthralls, enchants, and enamors me. Music, films, nature, and people do all of these things. I love the feeling of first discovering a band that sings everything I’ve ever wanted to speak, I love reading a book that makes me sincerly hopeful for the hero/heroine, instead of jealous, and I like watching a movie that changes my thought process, and takes me away from a world full of propaganda, lust, and grammatical errors. I like being prideful, but humble. I am happy when I’m in a car full of my closest friends, singing mockingly to the out-dated songs played on the radio; our hands out the window, our minds focused on that moment alone. I am happy when I’m stuck at home, playing party games with my family, laughing about ourselves. I am happy when realization strikes me unexpectedly…when I realize my life is short. I realize I posess talent. I realize that the daisies make me smile because they’re happy, not because they’re beautiful. I realize I can love with my whole heart without bitterness. I realize that I am significant …I realize my life is worth it.Unknown

>>>May your Friday be full of happiness, surprises, sweetness and love! You ARE significant. You ARE beautiful. Actually accepting these statements will lead to genuine joy every single day….Enjoy today and soak up that is offered!


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