Mood board VI

>>>Craving spring in today’s moodboard. We can have the best of both worlds this season. Spring fashion is showcases minimalism at its’ finest with white on white ensembles and soft, flowy pieces. In contrast, bright and bold colors in punchy patterns are also on trend. Either way, I’m ready to trade my bulky winter coat for a light jacket and embrace layering different fabrics. And as always, I’ll be wearing a big flower in my hair.

>>>For more moodboards, click here, here and here! Enjoy your Monday – I’m off to spend a few last hours at Kent State with my sister Kerry & best friend Kristen. I am going to miss the non-stop laughter and bond I have with both of them but have been cheerfully reminded true friendship knows NO distance. Such wise words. Thanks for reading, xo!


2 responses to “Mood board VI

  1. Obsessed with the shirt to dress photo, may I ask where you found? Love all the photos you post :)

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