Blossoming flowers

Blossoming flowers look great before they’re cut or picked, but without soil or water they wither more quickly than grass. That’s what happens to all who forget God— all their hopes come to nothing.

Job 8: 11-13 (The Message) 

In all honesty, I am tempted to try and write something hugely prolific to highlight the reality of this verse. But all I can summon up is the word… “Yup!”

And I think that this verse is one of those you either get on a very deep level with a sigh of agreement or you gloss over and think it’s just stupid and frilly.

Later on in life, I assume I’ll look back at this time as a blessing. The time when so much was stripped away.  The time when I felt like there wasn’t much circumstantially that pointed to hope.

It hurts a lot, but the gift is in the deep and thorough understanding of what the hamster wheel of life looks like. Chasing the wind.  Trying to validate yourself through work, status, an stuff is fruitless.  There is no pot of gold at the end of those alleged rainbows.  They are empty promises.

I know for absolute certain that God demotes and promotes as He sees fit. Some question that.  Some feel responsible for it.  Some deny it.  Some think they are above it. They don’t see that you cannot “make it happen”… (fill in the blank for it with your own hopes and dreams for accomplishment and accolade).

Even now as I look at my flowers in a vase that were once so beautiful withering away, I am reminded again that to be validated, loved, and lavishly adored by the Creator is the only brand of affirmation worth   seeking. 

>>>The above excerpt is a post Lauren Taylor Baker recently wrote “When All Your Hopes Fall to Nothing” on her blog and I could not be more inspired by her honest words. So many of us get too caught up in reaching a specific status point, getting a certain job, dating a certain person, fill-in-the-blank…WHY? For what? For approval? For satisfaction? Lauren articulated this so clearly – hitting these “plateaus” will not automatically lead to satisfaction and happiness. We are accepted by God right where we are RIGHT now (read more about this here)

>>>Lauren’s post reminded me of a previous post I wrote sharing the song Daughter of Grace. In the post, I explained:

This song encompasses the journey I’ve been on lately; reminding me that my past and future do not define me, my accomplishments and failures do not define me, my ups and downs do not define me. I’ve been given grace; undeserved love, blessing and acceptance.The love God has given me is completely undeserved and unmerited. In fact, I deserve quite the opposite. This song reminded me that it’s not too late to change, it’s not too late to take another path, it’s not too late to wholeheartedly accept grace.


>>>Have an inspired week friends! Thanks for reading! xo


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