It's about what I can do & what I will do!

>>>Happy Wednesday! As I sit here finishing this post and enjoying a perfect cup of coffee, all I can say it WOW. Thank you, thank you, thank you for everyone’s support and encouragement the past few days! In a few hours, I’ll be jumping on a plane and heading to California to start the next chapter of my life, to embark on a new journey, to start anew. With that being said, I wanted to make this Words for Wednesday post all about going out and DOING it. Going out and living life. Going out and soaking up every single opportunity and challenge thrown at you. It won’t always beeasy, but continuing to live life despite ups and downs and struggles makes you stronger. I strongly believe courage and bravery are always rewarded.

>>>I love the above quote: If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astonish ourselves. You were made to do amazing things – now all you have to do is GO DO THEM! We are often too nervous to actually pursue the things we were created to do. We are often too busy beating ourselves up for our past to start living in the present.

>>>May today be the day you fully blossom. May today be the day you defy odds. May today be the day you live into the fullness of who you are. I’ll be here cheering for you, thanks for cheering for me! xo

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3 responses to “It's about what I can do & what I will do!

  1. Good luck Andi! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures upon landing!

  2. Good luck Andi! I’m sooo excited for you and your new adventure! :)

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