Storytelling power.

There is a power in story telling.

Each time we share our darkness, it’s strength over us lessens.

Every word we utter in honesty of our harrowing past, is one word closer to reclaiming a brighter future.

Each telling of our story becomes easier with time and practice.

Each telling allows us to let go of shame and self-hatred.

And to let in forgiveness and self-acceptance.

Each time we share, we allow for the opportunity to make connections with others who have gone through our same darkness.

Each time we speak our truth, we inspire others to speak up and share their own stories.

Hearing these stories and making these connections are sources of light

They remind us that we are not alone in our darkness.

That together we can make our way through.

That although there have been those who have been in the shadows.

There are those who have found their way into the light.

And stayed there.

And they have found this freedom, this peace, by telling their story.

By speaking their truth. 


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