Thursday Thankful List

  • The color yellow
  • The ring around the moon right when it hits sunset
  • How the sky turns multiple colors every day
  • Unwinding
  • Bravery 
  • Unplugging from the computer/phone and just enjoying
  • Looking through old pictures
  • Time flying by
  • My mom’s cute texts
  • Wind blowing in hair
  • Pastel colors : pale yellows, lavender, muted pinks
  • How different every type of bird is
  • Food that simply melts in your mouth
  • Simplifying life
  • Ensembles like this: 
  • Non-judgmental people
  • Easter eggs and baskets
  • Remembering the exact moment one year ago [heading home for Easter weekend – a super fun family reunion]
  • Miracles
  • Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge 2x per day:
  • Realizing I’m never truly alone
  • Deep, far and wide love
  • A job well done
  • Feeding myself self-love and acceptance
  • My out-of-this-world friends 
  • Butterflies and stomach somersaults
  • Accents
  • Fog rolling over the bay
  • Being who I was meant to be.
  • Eclectic places, people, things
  • Sushi dinners….more often than you would think!
  • Finally learning my way around in a new place
  • Waking up every morning & viewing the next 24 hrs as another opportunity


  • Personal style
  • A phrase I grew up on: “With freedom comes responsibility.”
  • Falling asleep seconds after I land in bed
  • Hilarious voicemails [thinking about YOU Tess & B]
  • Bouquets of flowers
  • Joy, joy, joy, joy , joy!
  • People who go out of their way to include you
  • UNLEARNING life lessons
  • The truth when spoken in love
  • Much needed reminders 

>>>Ahh another Thursday! I cannot believe I’ve already been in CA for two weeks. Time flies. One thing I’ve been trying to do especially work on lately is to appreciate and enjoy the little things in life. Writing down what I’m thankful for every day has been so inspiring and eye-opening. I hope you have a GREAT day. What are you thankful for? Post a comment & let me know!


One response to “Thursday Thankful List

  1. My family, they mean the absolute world to me. They always know the right words to say and flip my day totally around…..this week especially. I love your blog! :)

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