Be happy for this moment. THIS moment is your life!

>>>Whatever may be going on in your life, reflect on what IS good. There is SOMETHING to be happy about it. And even if you can’t be happy about life itself just yet, find something…anything…to be happy and joyful about! Trust me, I have down days and “off” moments, but whats important is snapping yourself back – viewing the bigger picture – realizing just how much you are blessed with. Making that conscious decision and mindset really allowed myself to be full of happiness and joy. Spreading it to you today! Happy, happy, happy Wednesday! xo

>>>You might know by now just how much  joy-seeking and happiness-loving we do around here, so here are a few more happiness related posts:


3 responses to “Be happy for this moment. THIS moment is your life!

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  2. Being happy is interwoven with being grateful. If you can wake up everyday grateful to be alive and for the day that has been given to you to make something happen, then you can find true happiness.

    Life is a gift –each and every precious day.

    So choose happiness.


  3. sangriasthoughts&lemonwedges

    I have a post like this! Only it’s not just on happiness. Check it out, it’s called “Wakes me Up”.
    How inspiring!

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