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8 Reasons to Enjoy your Life TODAY

Good morning friends! I’m sharing a post I originally wrote for 8 Women Dream on March 10, 2011 that I wanted to repost on my own blog today. I wrote this post during my final week of college in March and at the time, was very overwhelmed. Not just overwhelmed with a lot of nerves, new changes and transitions in the future, but overwhelmed with goodness and joy. Life is truly a whirlwind.

The reason I wanted to share again was because I have a feeling a lot of people are feeling the exact same way now. Many of my friends have their last two weeks left in our little heaven called Athens – and it IS beyond weird to think about the future. Rereading my own post and looking back on the past two months has bee such a refreshing reminder to live life to the fullest in every single moment. Enjoy the people around you – focus on right now. Hope you like the post! xo

I wouldn’t be where am today if it weren’t for yesterday. I won’t be where I will be tomorrow without today.

I’m adopting a new mantra: “Today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.” This is why I’ve compiled:

8 Reasons to Enjoy Your Life Today –

1. You are doing great things.

Regardless of where you are sitting right now, you are doing something important with your life. You are impacting someone and you have already done so much. Stay cheerful and optimistic about who you are, what you’ve done and where you are going.

2. There are people who love and support you.

People care about you. Anytime you feel upset, remember how many people love you and are cheering for you! Anytime you feel anxious or freaking out about pursuing your future and your dreams, remember how many people love you right where you are at right now.

3. You have opportunities to grow.

Today is the day to embrace that you can constantly be refining who you are. You can always be growing personally and professionally. This doesn’t mean achieving you dream overnight — it just means taking life one day at a time and constantly trying to get better with each one.

4. The longer you wait to enjoy life, the more you lose in the long run.

Sometimes when you are stressing about your dreams or future, it’s essential to just sit back and breathe. Take a chew on this: the longer you wait to actually enjoy and soak up life, the less time you have to enjoy it.

5. Extra stress keeps you from moving forward.

I live by a sweet saying that runs through my mind almost daily: too blessed to be stressed. We have so much to be grateful for let stress overwhelm us. We have too many beautiful things to be grateful for to worry about the bad things.

6. Life is an adventure.

Life doesn’t have to be one big struggle. What if we viewed life as an exciting adventure rather than a battle uphill. Rather than view life as a battle uphill, why not instead run down the hill sprinting?

7. You have control of your own life.

No one is telling you what to do. No one is forcing you to do something or go somewhere. You have the power to decide how you view your life, you have the control to do what you want to do. Now all you have to do is go for it.

8. Unexpected moments and disasters can be the just what you need.

Sometimes, we just have bad days. It’s inevitable, but just when you think you can’t crack a smile or laugh-something absolutely ridiculous comes along to keep you rolling on the floor.

Case in point: My friend and I were bummed after a rough group project and being bombarded with tasks to do and were walking down the escalator to grab a quick dinner. My friend was wearing a fabulous floor-length maxi skirt and as we stepped off the escalator, she was stuck.

Her skirt was caught in the escalator steps for a full minute until a random stranger came up to rip her skirt out of the escalator. You can’t script moments like this. And I wouldn’t pass up these moments for the world. Today, and the very moment we are in, is an gift.

And a beautiful one at that!

Make today beautiful, positive and enjoyable. I only shared a few reasons to soak up today, live it up in the moment you are in and appreciate how far you’ve come, where you’re heading and the precise moment you’re in. Thanks for reading – I’m always here to cheer for you! xo


Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to everyone in the armed forces – past and present – for your sacrifice and dedication to our country! Your actions have not gone unnoticed, although many of you have not received the recognition deserved. We are truly blessed to live in America! Want to do something to say thanks? E-mail a soldier showing your appreciation via A Million Thanks. Take a quick break from e-mail, Twitter, whatever and sit down and write an old-fashioned handwritten note! All you have to do is write a letter and mail it to:

17853 Santiago Blvd. #107-355
Villa Park, CA 92861

Tell them just why you appreciate what they are doing and how it’s impacted your life. You’d be surprised how much a quick note or letter really brightens someone else’s day. On that note, I’m heading outside to enjoy this absolutely perfect day, hopefully with a picnic in the park – Happy Memorial Day!

Be old enough to appreciate your freedom & young enough to enjoy it.

Do the things you used to talk about doing but never did. Know when to let go and when to hold on tight. Stop rushing. Don’t be intimidated to say it like it is. Stop apologizing all the time. Learn to say no, so your yes has some oomph. Spend time with the friends who lift you up, and cut loose the ones who bring you down. Stop giving your power away. Be more concerned with being interested than being interesting. Be old enough to appreciate your freedom, and young enough to enjoy it. Finally know who you are.” – Kristin Armstrong 


>>>From runway shows (Givenchy Couture in particular) to DIY projects (inspiration: PS I Made This) and everything in between, statement headwear pieces are here to stay. Headwear can be a simple accessory ( a la MK Olsen’s simple headwrap with sunnies) or as intricate as an adorned crown-like piece. Take your pick of feathers, flowers, bows, knots or metal studs, but all ensure fabulousness and a little something extra to your outfit. What is your favorite headwear piece?

Happy Graduation Katie!

>>>As you know, I’m very close to my sisters (as you can read here, here, here, here & probably 45 other times) and I have been so lucky to not only watch them grow up, but just be best friends with them. It seems like yesterday, Kerry was graduating high school, but now she is already finished with her freshmen year of college!

>>>Today, my next little babe graduates from high school. Katie is the fearless one out of the bunch – she’s spunky, crazy, ridiculous, passionate and dedicated. She is a roller coaster – and I absolutely LOVE it. She is a prayer warrior, she is a hard worker, she is a change maker, she is a gift giver. She reminded me, specifically this summer, how important it is to think outside of myself. She my not always realize it and we may not say it enough – but she is a true blessing and joy to our family and to my life!  Katie, Feather, Blondie – I am so proud you are graduating. It’s a huge achievement and such a bittersweet time in your life. You are a beautiful lady inside and out and can’t wait to see you conquer the world.

Congratulations Katie! I wish I could be at your graduation tonight and I cannot WAIT to be at your party and celebrate the new, exciting life that’s coming up for you! I hope you are excited for your future adventures. Love and miss you and again, so proud of you. I’m always here to cheer you on baby girl! xo

Thursday Thankful List

  • Waking up super early, even on a Saturday
  • Going to a restaurant for the first time
  • Hard work – even when no one else notices!
  • Embracing change
  • Patterned clothing
  • Taking mid-morning and late afternoon walks
  • When there is sunshine ALL week
  • Being so proud of my Threadies
  • The glow of a front porch light
  • Chaotic organization:
  • Oldies music
  • Humming
  • The smell of freshly clean laundry
  • “Love that endures forever”
  • Impromptu fun nights out with friends
  • Four day weekends! (Literally. I wish I could tell you how happy I am about this right now!!!!)
  •  Thrift store finds
  • Painting my nails (although I’m really bad at it)
  •  Realizing wisdom comes from happiness
  • Pinterest
  • Random acts of kindness
  • Being barefoot
  • Sleeping soundly the entire night
  • Modern art museums: 
  • Catching up with old friends!
  •  Appreciating the journey we’re on
  •  Flavored coffee
  • Talking on the phone with my three sisters seriously everyday
  • Making bike plans – did you know May is National Bike Month?
  •  Meeting new people
  • Living life adventurously 
  • Choosing to listen rather than just speak
  • Peanut butter toast
  • Packing a perfect suitcase
  • Replaying Galway Girl about 34895x this week
  • When a not-so great day ends up being quite okay
  • Being inspired, inspiring others
  • Forgiveness 
  • Remembering one of the best days ever: 
  • Sitting down and getting to know my new roommate a lot more
  • Being comfortable in my own skin
  • New perfume
  •  Remembering what a waste of time it is to judge or look down on others. How many other things could you be doing instead? 
  • Decorating inspiration: 
  • Loving more, worrying less
  • Hilarious carpool rides
  • My encouraging, supportive, amazing momma
  • Places that serve unlimited mimosas
  • My new life motto: Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have!

Happy Positive Thursday! My absolute BEST and favorite day of the week annnnd it’s even more exciting because I have a four-day weekend ahead. I have plans to visit my cousin across the Bay, picnic in the park, enjoying rooftop champagne, sleep in, swim, possibly visit a friend up in Napa, who knows what I’ll come up with in the next few days! I hope you’ve had a great week! Yesterday owned me, but I’m owning today. Letz do this. Enjoy yours & have a fantastic weekend! What else am I thankful for? Find out.

Born to run.

>>>Morning pretty friends! Hope everyone is having a fantastic week – I DEFINITELY am – mostly because of the sunshine and that it’s a four day week and more importantly a four day weekend. Today I wanted to compile a few quotes and images all related to adventures. Adventures can range from something simple like introducing yourself to a new person to something relatively insane like moving across the globe, but all adventures have one thing in common: they are pushing us outside of our comfort zones to explore the new, unknown world. I, for one, LOVE them! One of my favorite quotes is this: “The world is not going to come to you. The sooner you realize this, the more time you have to pack!” Instead of looking at new experiences and adventures with fear, look at them as a brand new time to explore the world around you. To get to know yourself! I hope your weekend is full of adventures and you finally feel inspired to get up and go. GO make life happen! xo