Born to run.

>>>Morning pretty friends! Hope everyone is having a fantastic week – I DEFINITELY am – mostly because of the sunshine and that it’s a four day week and more importantly a four day weekend. Today I wanted to compile a few quotes and images all related to adventures. Adventures can range from something simple like introducing yourself to a new person to something relatively insane like moving across the globe, but all adventures have one thing in common: they are pushing us outside of our comfort zones to explore the new, unknown world. I, for one, LOVE them! One of my favorite quotes is this: “The world is not going to come to you. The sooner you realize this, the more time you have to pack!” Instead of looking at new experiences and adventures with fear, look at them as a brand new time to explore the world around you. To get to know yourself! I hope your weekend is full of adventures and you finally feel inspired to get up and go. GO make life happen! xo


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