Happy Graduation Katie!

>>>As you know, I’m very close to my sisters (as you can read here, here, here, here & probably 45 other times) and I have been so lucky to not only watch them grow up, but just be best friends with them. It seems like yesterday, Kerry was graduating high school, but now she is already finished with her freshmen year of college!

>>>Today, my next little babe graduates from high school. Katie is the fearless one out of the bunch – she’s spunky, crazy, ridiculous, passionate and dedicated. She is a roller coaster – and I absolutely LOVE it. She is a prayer warrior, she is a hard worker, she is a change maker, she is a gift giver. She reminded me, specifically this summer, how important it is to think outside of myself. She my not always realize it and we may not say it enough – but she is a true blessing and joy to our family and to my life!  Katie, Feather, Blondie – I am so proud you are graduating. It’s a huge achievement and such a bittersweet time in your life. You are a beautiful lady inside and out and can’t wait to see you conquer the world.

Congratulations Katie! I wish I could be at your graduation tonight and I cannot WAIT to be at your party and celebrate the new, exciting life that’s coming up for you! I hope you are excited for your future adventures. Love and miss you and again, so proud of you. I’m always here to cheer you on baby girl! xo


3 responses to “Happy Graduation Katie!

  1. Linann Teggart

    I love you alot.

  2. your legs in the third picture.

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