Don’t put off your happy life

>>>Happy Wednesday queens! Today I want to challenge you to be genuinely and completely just happy. Despite how annoyed or stressed you might be with your friends, job, family, future, [whatever], simply choose to be grateful and content. Be satisfied! Be joyous! I am actually super happy because tonight I’m taking a redeye back to Ohio for graduation weekend. It’ll be the last time in a very long time that I’ll be reunited with absolutely everyone that has turned to family the past four years. Rather than be sad and weirded out about this transition in life, I’m choosing to be full of genuine joy and excitement that I get to spend quality time with these fantastic people. Today – and this week – I am blocking out all thoughts of negativity and disappointment and embracing joy, silliness and cheerfulness.

>>>May today be the day you live with all you’ve got, may today be the day you let no one leave you without feeling happier or better. May today be the day you make the conscious choice to LIVE happier and LIVE better. Thanks for reading and for always making it such a joy to write. More Words for Wednesday posts here. xo!


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