Thursday Thankful List

  • When rainy days turn sunny
  •  Homemade meals (preferably with friends!)
  •  Picking out the perfect dress for a special occasion
  •  Coffee in the park
  •  Being rooftop, loving on the SF skyline at night
  • Going to bed and NOT having to set an alarm
  •  Looking back on the past in happiness
  •  Proactively handling problems
  •  Lipstick
  • When I get hilarious Facebook friend requests
  • Crossing every single thing off my to-do list
  • Working with brilliant and inspiring people everyday
  • Guacamole
  • The fact that when this post is published, I’ll be here:

    • Outgoing new friends
    •  Going to bed early
    •  Long walks – even uphill ones!
    •  My parents, especially my mom’s unending enthusiasm
    •  Living life with hope in constant joy:

  • Reunions
  • Letting all your emotions out…and being okay with it!
  • Toughening up when times get hard or you’re going through an issue. Being strong.
  • When the days fly by (sometimes….!) 
  • Seeing these people in T-minus 12 hours:

  • Celebrating birthdays – YAY Calla & Kerry!
  • Graduating this weekend!
  • Seeing my absolute best friend from high school
  • When my 14-year-old sis knows things that I don’t know
  • Replaying this song:

The lyrics to the song above “Carousel” by Vanessa Carlton are absolutely beautiful: And all you’ll hear is the music and beauty stands before you 
And love comes back around again it’s a carousel, my friend
It’s never too late to change the pace when days creep up on you 
But the goodness is something you don’t have to chase ’cause it’s following you* –it’s so true. Goodness is following us and we have the choice to not let days creep on us. We have the choice to turn all days into good ones, even on the bad days. It’s a change of mindset and a change of lifestyle. Realizing the sheer goodness and beauty in our everyday, simple lives. I’m off to catch a flight and when I wake up I’ll be in Ohio for a few days in Athens with my best friends from college, graduation from college and a few days with my family. Can’t wait!!!! Today is never to be late to be thankful and appreciative for the little things – everything from green grass and ice water to best friends and family. I hope you have a fantastic weekend! xo


2 responses to “Thursday Thankful List

  1. This is beautiful. I can feel your joy and gratitude!!!

  2. That picture of me and Aimee is priceless, haha! So happy I got to see you this weekend girlfriend!!

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