be who you are.

>>>Happy Wednesday fabulous friends! Hope you’re enjoying the week so far! Last week’s Words for Wednesday post was all about friends and how much happier and lovelier life is when surrounded by good ones. Today, I decided to share quotes and images related to being. I’ve touched on being and identity before in this blog post. What’s so great about life is that we have the CHOICE every single day to be who we want to be. Today, I encourage you to be the absolute best person you can be. A huge portion of that directly correlates with your attitude and mindset on life and the way you choose to view the world and situations you are in.

The choice is yours! Every single day you can be be joyful, be yourself, be a change, be nice, be proud of how far you’ve come, be daring, be different, be impractical, be unique, be surrounded by good people. Be absolutely everything. Be who you are. 

May today be the day you choose to be positive, patient and persistent, among other choices.

May today be the day that WHATEVER you choose – you choose to be a good one. Thanks for reading! Have a blessed day, xo! More Words for Wednesday posts here.

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