Thursday Thankful List

Warm (and almost hot!) days
Seeing friends from home
Chiffon skirts
Going to bed and not having to set an alarm
Graduating college!!!!
Going on long, long, long walks
Finding new blogs (Smart & Sassy with Sprinkles, best of bklyn, bows and brownies, Composing Nows)
New restaurants
Living here:

Remembering that everything has worked out in life so far – so there is no need to fear the future
Being strong and courageous
Extended family
Unexpected generosity
Words to live by: 

Letting go off anger and moving forward
Celebrating birthdays – Polish My Crown is one year old!
The way my dad handles setbacks and struggles
Spending a night in reading books and watching a good movie

Happy hour(s)
Saturday morning festivals
A strengthened prayer life
Golden lab puppies
Bright colored lipstick:

Getting advice from people WAY older than me
Gaining perspective
Choosing happiness over sadness, fear, numbness
Meeting people from Twitter in “real life” – like @PRGirlTiff this week!

Blessing others
Calla – who manages to encourage, inspire and build me up from 4000+ miles away. She is such a blessing as a friend.
Insane laughter
A healthy body that overcomes sickness, holds up after long days
Three little sisters that are doing BIG things with their lives – this one is Katie:


>>>Happy Thursday! I’m hoping it’s a positive one for you! Writing this post has been EXACTLY what I needed today. Before writing this, I was feeling kind of down in the dumps like nothing was going exactly right for me. I was feeling overwhelmed with the future until I was cheerfully reminded by the sheer goodness of life. Goodness is honestly chasing us every single day – but we have to be willing to open up and realllllly look for it! Why should I – and CAN I – be negative, discouraged and overall just down when I have so many blessings in my life? Nothing I am going through can overshadow the innumerable gifts of grace and goodness I’m given daily. Today is never too late to be brand new – to think brand new – to act brand new. And that’s exactly what I’m going to do, beauty queens. I’m going to start living the rest of the day like it’s an absolute gift – and soaking up each and every little thing along the way. Hope you do the same, xo! 

>>>Would love your comment – what “little” (or big!) thing are you thankful for today? Thanks for sharing & for reading!

2 responses to “Thursday Thankful List

  1. I’m thankful you found my blog, so I could find yours! I saw your tweet this morning, and just had a chance to check out your posts/about me, and I LOVE what you’re all about! You definitely reminded me to be thankful always, so thank you for that! I’m off to check out the rest of your blog now! Have a wonderful weekend, and CONGRATS on graduating!

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