Thursday Thankful List

Four-day weekends!!!!!!!
Getting settled in a new apartment
Finding new SF fashion blogs – (9to5Chic, Fancy Fine, Going West)
When a day FLIES by (weirdly)
Pride celebration this past Sunday:

Recognizing blessings over luck
Absolute silliness
Sleeping in a hotel bed
Vegan curry
My favorite holiday on MONDAY!

Meeting new friends from my college
Really cold Sangria
How it doesn’t get dark until 9:30 pm
Remembering to be happy RIGHT here, RIGHT now
Choosing staying up late with good friends is more important than a good night’s sleep:

When a dinner recommendation is better than you expect
Finally zipping up a super stuffed suitcase
How many different kinds of puppies there are
Funny cab drivers
Being with two best friends again:

Remembering to take pics on my camera (not just my phone!)
Aiming higher
Encouraging others – supporting them even when they are down
Ice cold sangria
Fashion icon inspiration:

Learning hard lessons
Laugh lines!
Friends and family love in-person and across the country!
Embrace what makes me, me:

Hello beautiful friends! Happy positive Thursday! Here is today’s Thursday Thankful List and this list is definitely not all-inclusive – there are so many countless things to be thankful for. As the month of June ends, I’m looking back and realizing how absolutely good this month was. Just a few: I flew home for college graduation, saw tons of family members, had my friend Michael visit, played with Courtney and Aimee after their interviews, booked flights for my parents to visit this fall, explored this crazy and exciting city and soaked up all life has to offer. Here’s to a fantastic June & an even better July! I hope you have a lovely day and weekend.


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