Today is your day! So get on your way!

>>>Happy Wednesday! I’m coming off a long weekend – my favorite holiday weekend of the year. My weekend was the perfect mix of productive and relaxing. From unpacking and a mega trip to Target/Bed Bath and Behind to a beach trip in Santa Cruz and lounging in the park with a brand new playlist and a good book and EVERYTHING in between – I’ve had an absolute blast in the past few days off work. Today’s Words for Wednesday post is all about enjoying and embracing life right where you’re at. I’ve shared this quote before, but I just love it: The opportunity to enjoy such a feast of beauty, vivacity, strength and friends is quite a blessing. Looking back on the past four fantastic days, I’m feeling truly and entirely blessed. The month of June was a blast, and July has been equally fantastic so far – I’ve been way too busy and I’m excited to slow down and finally settle in my new apartment, spend quality time with new friends and just relax the next couple of weeks. Hope you’re enjoying your day! xo

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