Overcome being overwhelmed.

When we’re overwhelmed, we feel weighed down.

All the tasks that need to be completed feel “too much”.

We tell ourselves, “I can’t do it”, and thus do nothing.

We keep putting off what needs to be done, and as a result, the anxiety, pressure, and stress build, piling upon themselves until we break. 

Overcoming the feeling of being overwhelmed starts with one small step at a time.


Write about what is bothering you.

Write about what is weighing you down.

Make a list.

Write out what needs to get done.

One task at a time.

Cross off each as you go.

You’ll feel a small weight lifted each time you take a step forward.

And you’ll find that what once seemed anxiety provoking and complicated, is actually quite easy and simple.

Acknowledge feeling overwhelmed.

Denying the pull of life and its tasks doesn’t remove stress—it compounds it.

Surrendering to the simple truths, even the simple truth of what you’re feeling, will set you free.

Via Internal Acceptance Movement.


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