Thursday Thankful List

Running downhill
Impromptu laughter
Getting a pedicure
Staying in bed until the afternoon
Life rules:

Reoccurring events to look forward to (wine night at Amelie, for example)
How everyone gets so excited after a goal or point is scored in sports
The way bodies heal themselves
Rewatching favorite movies
Big skirts/dresses

Library cards
The smell of clean laundry
Having permission to be wild, expressive, free and myself.
This little one visiting in less than TWO weeks!!!

Striving to clothe myself with kindness, humility, gentleness and patience
Recognizing how much I need God’s love
Friendly strangers
Yellow Gatorade
Wearing flowers in my hair

Embracing this twenty-something life (love that blog by the way!)
Writing thank you notes to people
Puppies. All. of. them.
Repeating my favorite verse in my head:

Dancing in my pajamas
Being okay with the fact that this week might not be the best of my entire life
Vanilla candles
Sweet messages from friends
Adding this chair to my list of DIY art projects:

>>>Thursday Thankful List – A short and sweet list of some things I’m thankful for this week! Hope your Thursday is full of purpose and blessings. I’m choosing to make the most out of today; make it better than yesterday. I’m choosing to live life with great love and a whole lot of energy. Enjoy today queens! xo!


6 responses to “Thursday Thankful List

  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and I really like it. I look forward to reading more and getting inspiration from the your observations.

  2. I love that verse! {if I could italicize love, I would!} Thanks for the sweet mention, but you my dear, have the blog to adore! It’s so good to be reminded of things we are thankful for. That’s what makes this world go round. Thanks for sharing what you’re thankful for!

    • Beth – That is my absolute favorite verse. If I ever get a tattoo, that’s what it would be (might be happening soon!?!?!) Thanks again for your sweet words and for your awesome blog – I love it! Happy Saturday!

  3. Ahhhh I love this list so much! I always look forward to your Thankful Thursday posts, but something about this one really excited something within me. I think it may have something to do with leading me toward a new-to-me blog about being twentysomething AND that incredible proverb. Thanks, suga! I hope all is going beautifully in that gorgeous city! (I’m sure it is ;) ) xoxoxo

    • Kailey –
      Hey babe! Thank you for your comment – I’m glad you like the post and LOVE that you love the proverb – it’s my absolute fave. And Beth’s Embracing 20 Something blog is oh so great! I’m loving the city BUT Aimee, Courtney and I can’t wait for your visit in November!!!! XOXO Thanks again!

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