The rest is still unwritten.

Hi queens! Hope you are enjoying your Wednesday as much as I am! Today’s Words for Wednesday post is extra special because my new friend Melissa is guest posting and sharing inspiration today. I am absolutely LOVING Melissa’s insight and encouragementand very fortunate that she was willing to guest post. If you’d like to write on Polish My Crown – whether it’s a W4W post, Thursday Thankful List post, or just whatever is on your mind – e-mail me: Don’t forget to check out Melissa’s blog Flower Child in the City! Thanks Melissa and everyone enjoy! xo

There’s just something about music. For me, a song make the bad good and the good even better. I love that a song can bring back memories, or remind you of a person that you’ve long forgotten.

Happy Wednesday! Halfway there, and for me, only ONE MORE DAY until I’m off to New York City for the very first time! It will be a long car ride (12 hours!) but I’m so thankful that I have all of my music to keep me company. Always cherish your memories, good and bad, through song and quotes, through smiles and tears; because no matter what your experience was, you’ve learned something. You’ve grown and changed, and become a stronger you in the process. There’s always a song out there to describe exactly how you’re feeling, use it as your therapy to reconsider the situation at hand and move forward in a positive way!

>>> And of course — I want to thank Andi for allowing me to do a guest post on Polish My Crown! This is one of my FAVORITE blogs to follow, and Andi is such a genuinely kind person; I’m thankful that I’ve gotten the opportunity to get to know her a little better! Thanks Andi!


2 responses to “The rest is still unwritten.

  1. This is so encouraging! Thank you :)

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