Moodboard X

>>>Feeling inspired by lots and lots of glitter. I really want to purchase a gold sequined dress and go dancing….is that so much to ask?! More moodboards found here. Enjoy your weekend (and in the words of Ke$ha “Go insane, go insane, throw some glitter, make it rain”! Hahaha, xo!


6 responses to “Moodboard X

  1. Andrea,
    Where did you find the dress that has the sparkly top and the flowy bottom with the brown belt in the middle? I am obssessed.

    ps I absolutely adore your blog.

    • All the pics were found on Pinterest or Tumblr and were just saved on my comp. That image is BEAUTIFUL – I would love to be wearing that outfit right about now :) SO glad you enjoy my blog. Hope you read again soon! xoxo -Andi

  2. wow! you like shiny, shimmering stuffs huh? you should check out my blog.. i posted a DIY on glitter pumps.. thanks!:))))))


    • Jena – thanks for the comment! Just checked out your blog..I AM OBSESSED. I want to make DIY glitter wedges and definitely trying to do the jean lace shorts sometime soon. Beyond adorb. Thanks again for reading! xo -ANdi

  3. Hi,
    I am soooo desperate I have to know who makes the 3 cream gold sequin dresses for my daughter for a school dance? Where can I buy them ??

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