Friday Five

Just a five lovely things on my mind this morning….! 

1. Inspirational books. Everything is Going to be Okay and Live Now: Artful Messages of Hope, Happiness and Healing. I ordered these a few weeks ago and JUST NOW finally getting around to enjoy them with a cup of tea in hand.

2. Sarah Swell Jewelry If you know me, you know I’m a jewelry and accessory girl. One designer I’ve recently discovered is Bay-area based Sarah Swell. I’m dying to get my hands (literally!) on some of her jewelry. Her work is inspired by the ocean and nature -how gorgeous are these metals and stones? Catch up with Sarah on her blog and Twitter – or start shopping here! Sarah, you are truly talented girlfriend.

3. Visitors! It was sad to see my sister Katie and her friend Holly leave, but I can’t stop thinking about the past week and just how much joy was brought to me. I had such a fantastic time with these girls – here’s a few snapshots of our week together.

4. New boots. I spied these beauties online at H&M and finally found in store.Very happy about my purchase decision already! Random question to my readers – where do you purchase shoes? Send suggestions my way! Thanks in advance.

5. Grace Potter and the Nocturnals –

seriously cannot stop blaring. Such a beautiful voice from a talented lady and band. Start listening!

Thanks for reading; enjoy your weekend lovely queenies! xoxo


2 responses to “Friday Five

  1. Loving your blue maxi in the last picture! Where is it from?


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