Thursday Thankful List

Late night dinners
The moment you snap out of a funky mood
Helping other people
Music festivals

Playing the same song on repeat
Striving for excellence
Omelets (seriously, obsessed.)
Meeting Twitter friends in real life! Yay Sarah!
Taking the road less traveled

Hearing a song that reminds me of a happy memory
Elderly people who are full of life
Joyful children
How encouraging my mom is
The opportunity to bike across the Golden Gate Bridge – AMAZING

How many people have supported me in the past few months
My roommates
Remembering I’m never truly alone
FaceTiming for the first time! With Jordan and Aimee!
Incorporating blush tones (esp. pastel pink!) into my wardrobe:

Friends who are wise beyond their years
Adorable coffee shops
Rereading favorite poems
When sunshine rays fill the room when I open the blinds (I miss my place in Brooklyn!!!)

Receiving fantastic advice: “Keep your standards high but your head held even higher.” Important to remember.
Pictures of my parents from when they were younger
Being around someone who knows you so, so well.

Jumping in saltwater waves.
Sand between my toes.
The opportunity to have three little sisters.
Orange flowers
Always having hope.

>>>Hello queens! Happy positive Thursday! What are you feeling positive about today? This week I’ve been really trying to work on embracing the difference between feeling and being thankful. What do I mean by this? I’m (still) reading Thanks! by Robert A. Emmons and he explains the key difference between feeling grateful and being grateful.

“As a feeling, gratitude is a natural response to a particular situation when good things happen to an individual. No one feels grateful when they have lost a job, received a devastating diagnosis or seen their marriage crumble. How could they? It would be an insult to the person to suggest that they should feel grateful in spite of what was happening to them. But gratefulness is not just a feeling. It is also an attitude, a chosen posture toward life that says, ‘I will feel grateful in all circumstances.’

Times that challenge us physically, emotionally and spiritually may make it almost impossible for us to feel gratful. Yet, we can decide to live gratefully, courageously open to life in all its fullness. By living the grateful we don’t feel, we begin to feel the gratefulness we live.”

Wow. Today I challenge to you be thankful for all things, in all times – through all the ups and downs and twists and turns. Be courageous and open to life with a grateful heart and attitude. You can do it! Thanks for reading, have a fantastic day! What else am I thankful for? Find out here.


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