One wild and precious life.

>>> What are you going to do with your one wild and precious life? This line from a Mary Oliver’s poem is on my mind {again} but is reminding me to escape the routine, to-do lists, stress, confusion. Instead, we should be risking and at the same time embracing our wild and very, very precious life! Life is too short and precious to be ruled by what we wear, what our job title is, who knows us, who wants to date us, how we are “going to get ahead.” What would life be like if we embraced our childhood joy and mindset today, as adults?

I‘ve shared my friend Lisa’s photography before and every new photo she posts always amazes me. I believe that many people can take photos, but it takes true talent to really capture that small moment in time in one image. These photographers allow you to look at an image and actually feel what is going on in the picture. It’s like you’re there. The above photos make me feel that way – and remind me to feel just as joyous, carefree and fearless even in my adult years. Look at the little girls in Lisa’s photos – they could care less if their pink dresses are soaked or dirty. They are caught up in the sheer fun of dancing in the sand and water.  As a child, I was fearless. As I child, I didn’t care what I wore or who knew this or that about my life. As a child, I thought I was going to be a teacher, astronaut, fashion designer, vet, jockey, doctor, lawyer and about 45 other professions. As I child, I felt indestructible – in the best way possible. My childhood life was ruled by wonder and bewilderment – instead of fear and monotony. I challenge you to think, feel and act that way now – whether you are 22, 42, 92 or any other age. Rekindle that childhood wonder.


As you kick off the weekend {early}, enjoy more beauty on Lisa’s TumblrFlickr and her portfolio. Thanks to Lisa for reminding me just how wildly wonderful and precious life actually is…right now. xoxo


2 responses to “One wild and precious life.

  1. Lovely images. I already miss those years spent with my son. They are precious and magical.


  2. Loved the photos! To see life and faith through the eyes of a child. . . . I miss those years when days were filled with mud, bugs, bows, and wonder. Remember the summer that Kerry started breaking out into spontaneous cartwheels? What an additional joy to see both of you grow and develop into the wonderful young women that you are! Mom xxoo

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