Half Full

Good morning friends! I am READY for a coffee. I wanted to share images of a few magazine spreads I made for a class last fall. The prompt was to create a magazine editorial budget and design spreads to go with each story. I was feeling inspired by Gabby Bernstein, who I chose to feature on my mock cover and feature spreads. Here’s a little info on the magazine:

Half Full is a to be a guidebook to inspire, motivate and teach women to pursue their future confidently and live their life to the fullest, every day, all day. The purpose of the Half Full is to be a stimulant to push women to see each life experience as a challenge and opportunity to grow and learn. We’re here to connect with women so they embrace who they are and who they are striving to become with a “glass half full” mindset. The byline for the magazine name is “fall in love with your future.” That’s what we are here for: to push women to be excited and motivated to pursue their future. Half Full will cover topics that relate to each woman’s lifestyle including: including: health and wellness, self-help, body image, career and networking, fashion, culture, relationships and love. While many magazines discuss these topics, we aren’t here to tell you how to be better at something. We’re here to simply remind you that you’re okay right where you are at and to encourage you to look to your future with confidence, rather than in fear or nervousness.

Women are bombarded daily by magazines and media messages telling them how to act, what to look like, who to be friends with and so on. Women are in constant fear and stress of not getting a job, not having a successful relationship and not meeting up to society’s standard of beauty. This stress level affects more than you would imagine; Gallup Poll research found that only 1 in 5 American’s “rarely or never experiences stress” and we are a publication to those translate stress into positive experiences and actions. And that’s why I chose to create this mock-up self-help magazine. There are so many people who are overwhelmed with stress, trauma and fear. Instead of being ruled by those feelings and life changes, living life with a “glass half full” mindset allows us to fully enjoy life – even the not-so-great times. Ideally, down the road I would LOVE to connect my love for writing with my passion for helping others love and appreciate their own life. Whether or not this turns into me writing a book, starting a magazine or just continuing this blog, I’m SO ready for the adventure at hand. Regardless, it was super fun to create a magazine all about a subject I care about and learning to better use design software was a blast. Enjoy! xoxo


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