Thursday Thankful List

Swimming pools
Laughing hysterically about the same story over and over
Fuzzy sweaters
Waking up BEFORE my alarm
This pretty babe coming to visit me last weekend!

Going out to dinner
Catching up on some good reads (Girl Meets Life, Accidental Intentions, Sen-Sophy, Smart Pretty Awkward,
Unexpected presents
Dusting off the “little things”
Remembering how much control we have over our own mindset and lifestyle:

Playing the same song on repeat
Finding places in a new city that feel like home:
Being spontaneous
4-day work weeks (two weeks in a row! Holla)
Trips to Napa

Elderly people full of life
My parents’ generosity
Living life intentionally
Puppies! (My roomie’s dog is staying with us for the week – SO cute.)
Remembering that tomorrow is another day:

Living in the moment
Watching my friends heading off on new and exciting adventures
When your day goes from bad to good
Running to hug someone
Outfit inspiration:

The smell of fresh laundry
God’s goodness
Lazy Sundays in the park
How exercising in the morning keeps me awake all morning
Hope > despair

You know what else I’m thankful for? Thursdays. Because that means we are one day closer to the weekend. We have survived the “dreadful Mondays” and “long Tuesday” (which never seem to be too terrible). We have another beautiful, exciting, spontaneous and bright-eyed day in front of us! And it’s also the first day of the month – which always feels like a brand new start to me. It’s a time to kick-start any resolutions or goals you have. Who says that has to be on January 1?! Oh yes, and I’m especially thankful for YOU, you, YOU for taking the time to read my blog today. Thank you! Happy (positive! – always) Thursday! xoxo


2 responses to “Thursday Thankful List

  1. Love the “live life intentionally” and the outfit inspiration! I need to buy some new clothes and LOVE those two outfits in the middle!

    Happy Thursday!

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