Thx Thx Thx

Dear Leah,
Thanks for your fantastic Thx Thx Thx site where you document your daily exercise in gratitude. Some funny, some serious, some sentimental, but all very real! Just a reminder that we can be thankful for truly so many things that we often neglect. I, for one, appreciate your honesty and thankfulness!


3 responses to “Thx Thx Thx

  1. Very happy I discovered your blog! I love motivational/inspirational quotes. I read SP&A regularly, and have started blogging I saw Molly’s mention of the feature you did on her. Looking forward to reading your blog in the future!

    • Danielle – Thanks for your comment pretty lady! I’m glad you found my blog through SP&A! It was quite a pleasure to feature Molly – she’s the best. Hope you come back to keep reading Polish My Crown! xoxo -Andi

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