Thursday Thankful List

The sky turning red
Simply being happy
Good friends
Ignoring Facebook and Twitter
The way waves turn white as they crash down

Naps in the sun
Playful kids
The second cup of coffee during the day
Spending time alone with my parents

Roadside markets
Happy old couples together
Perspective (I’m not as big/important as I may think)

Realizing that money is not my security
Mint chocolate chip ice cream
Making old things new
Sharing closets
Redwood trees

Crying…and being okay with it
Brie + apples
Holding hands
Sharing meals
Being touristy

Taking days off work
Being so high in the mountains that I’m actually “above” the clouds (aka…SF fog)
God’s majestic creation
Not feeling the need to impress someone
Quirky flea markets

Treating OTHERS to dinner
Tomato soap
Winding roads
Greek Food Festivals
This quote: “I don’t know where I’m going, but I know it won’t be boring”

When my mom scratches my back
Driving in a car with the windows rolled down
Views like this:

Singing to oldies love songs with my parents
The color baby blue
Late night dessert
Feeling so loved, valued and cherished
Simply enjoying the moment I’m in

Above you’ll find my Thursday Thankful List; all related to the last week I’ve had. All the photos document different places, people and experiences that have made this week extra special. Looking back on the week, I can’t help but smile and count my blessings. This month, I pledged to write down 10 things (at least!) I’m thankful for in the morning and again at night. Being around my parents reminded me just how vital it is to appreciate the simple lovely things in life. I’ve been getting too caught up in the routine of work, life, relationships and the daily grid to really sit back and say, “WOW” to all that is in front of me. So here it is – WOW. I truly am in awe of what has been given to me. Hoping your Thursday is full of purpose and love, thanks for reading! xoxo


4 responses to “Thursday Thankful List

  1. I love your photos! You have a great smile too! I love that you took a moment to appreciate the simple things in life. I love getting a good back scratch too. :)

  2. Oh and thanks so much for making me a “Queen” in your sidebar! It’s very cool!

    • Hi Benny! Thanks for your comment – Im glad you enjoy the blog/photos because I’m obsessed with yours. Your Get Busy Living blog is a daily read for me – enjoy your weekend!

  3. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading this and the bit about ‘perspective’ is a good reminder. Thanks.

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