Home Sweet Home, Part 2

>>After being in San Francisco for almost six months, I finally feel settled. I’ve been living in a few different places and haven’t “officially” decorated and turned my living space into a home. This past week, my parents and I took a day and revamped my room; highlights including: turning my (former) closet door into a long desk, turning a collage into a piece of art, hanging new curtains, buying new lamps, scoring fun finds at Goodwill and flea markets, painting a bedside table and dresser and adding fun knobs to different pieces of furniture.These pictures really don’t do the room justice – but oh well, I’m just happy to share with you my new space!

>>>Last September, I posted photos of my room back in Athens and explained that my room was a little bit of all aspects of me – crafty, colorful, cozy. I truly feel like my new place is the same way, but with a more “grown up” approach and I absolutely love it!


8 responses to “Home Sweet Home, Part 2

  1. One of the highlights of getting to see you! Have another package with some goodies/accessories in the van to drop off at Post Office. So very proud of you—-and all that you have learned and the ways you have stretched yourself in doing this “gradual” transition to San Francisco.

  2. I don’t say this about everything, but I am OBSESSED with your room!! Seriously – it is so inspiring…so cozy looking! I am hoping to decorate my whole apartment more before winter rolls around, and you just gave me some wonderful ideas :) :)

    • Gracie – THANK YOU! The room finally feels like home – five months in the works :-) My mom changed little things around the next few days before she left so everything on the desk/dresser/shelves is now in a slightly different spot. I’d love to see pics of your redecorated apartment! Thanks again for your lovely comment! xoxo

  3. Your room looks really comfortable! I really like how you’ve decorated it. Is your room always that tidy? :)

    • Benny – thanks! I’m glad you like the decorations! Yes…I’m a bit OCD about keeping my room organized and clean – although the closet gets a little tornado-y after getting ready! Thanks again for your comment :-)

  4. Your room is FABULOUS! These photos are so fun :)

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