I’m a wannabe photographer.

I’m a wannabe photographer. Seriously, I used to bring my point-and-shoot camera in my bag every day just in case I found something fun or interesting to document. Lately, my purse has been feeling a little lighter. Enter Instagram and other mobile photo apps, enabling me to shoot, edit and share photos directly from my mobile. They also allow casual shooters like me to edit or enhance an image. (Instagram, for example, offers fifteen different filters with names like “Hefe,” “Toaster” and my personal favorite, “X-Pro II.”

Here are a few brands utilizing Instagram:

Fashion/Retail: Burberry, Oscar de la Renta, Kate Spade, Bergdorf Goodman, Marc Jacobs

Food/Drink: PepsiMax*, Pizza Hut, Ben & Jerry’s*, Charity Water

Tech/Media: Cool Hunting, Foodspotting, PopEater, Yelp

Sports: NY Knicks, Boston Celtics, Sacramento Kings, Pittsburgh Steelers

Last week, I wrote a post for my company’s website titled “Friday Five: Ways for Brands to Best Utilize Mobile Photo” – and the above text can be found within the article. You can access the full Edelman Digital Friday Five post here. and make sure to connect with me on Instagram (andi91210) as well! I’d love to see your Instagram photos too! Do you use mobile photo apps? What do you like or dislike about sites like Instagram, Camera+, PicPlz, etc.? Enjoy your Friday – thanks for reading! xo


2 responses to “I’m a wannabe photographer.

  1. I did a post for a client blog last week on best brand on every SM site, and also included some of the above fashion brands in the Instagram section. Going to go to all of the profiles you listed now and check out their photos!

    Thanks for sharing :) xoxo

  2. Love your photos Andi!

    I’ll connect w/ you on Instagram. I don’t follow many people so always looking for friends to follow.

    I love using my iPhone as a camera. For awhile I used Hipsmatic a lot. Then I used Camera+. Now it’s Instagram. What I don’t like (not much to not like though) is how long it takes from pulling out the phone to actually taking a photo. I wish it was quicker! I know w/ the new iOS 5, you can take a pic much faster! But w/ apps, you still have to open them up.

    Can’t wait to hear about the new iPhone next week. I hope they improve the camera!

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