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Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That [Part 2]

  • QUOTE: “May you have enough happiness to keep you sweet. Enough trials to keep you strong. Enough sorrows to keep you human. Enough hope to keep you happy. Enough failure to keep you humble. Enough success to keep you eager. Enough friends to give you comfort. Enough faith & courage in yourself to banish sadness. Enough wealth to meet your needs. And one thing more: Enough determination to make each day a more wonderful day than the day before.” – Irish Blessing
  • DECORATING INSPIRATION: I have a recent obsession with bookshelves and find myself always on the lookout for a small trinket or good book to add to our collection. Our living room bookshelf is a work in progress and I’ve spent the evening looking for bookshelf decorating inspiration via Real Simple. Love it!

  • HALLOWEEN: Embraced my inner flapper girl this weekend! Took this silly Photobooth pic before our hair appointments….Aim and I ended up wearing two flapper-esque dresses we already owned and made fun headpieces! First Halloween out of college – weird, but still very fun.

This is my second “Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That” post – I have fun writing these recap-style posts a lot. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a lovely, fun, marvelous Monday!


Question: What were you for Halloween? And do you have a favorite quote? Do share!


33 Ways to Stay Creative

Obsessed with this – will be printing and hanging near my desk. Happy Saturday! xo

Lovely links

Hello pumpkins! Happy Friday! What are your weekend plans? I’m excited to celebrate Halloween for the first time in San Francisco (costume yet to be determined), enjoy Sunday brunch and hit up a flea market! Here’s some lovely gems I found on the Internet that week – I hope they make today a little better! Enjoy your weekend! xo

This one’s for you, OU

Taylor Tomasi-Hill in this Rochas dress – OBSESSED!

When she was just a girl, she expected the world…

For those who (like me!) still don’t have a Halloween costume

“I take more pleasure in liking people than disliking people”

From Russia with Love {via Vogue}

So good – and so sad/happy. Soldiers reuniting with families.

The best colors for your home

THE best cookies ever

Hellllllll yeah 2o-somethings!

I need a puppy (solely because of this video)

…a Twist is a wrap, is a top, is a skirt, is a hood, is a belt, is a shawl, is a… HOW? (and for a good cause!)

Can you say YUM!?!?!

Just little things….{my actual favorite website}

Girl Walk // All Day


Thursday Thankful List

>>> Sometimes photos just say a whole lot more than words. Last night, I was digging through old photos on my phone, camera and computer and couldn’t help but smile at how happy some (okay, most) made me.

Here’s a few – and in no way extensive – pictures documenting people, places, things, memories and experiences I’m beyond thankful for this week {in order of appearance}: the majesty of trees, Steeler Sundays in the dorms, cuddling with Mom & Max, old pictures of Cait and I, Britton, my beautiful cousin and best friend Erin, sunsets in Athens, Zach, delicious dinner date at Rosa Mexicano with Mom, sunsets near my parents house, Photobooth + Katie, cozy corners, pasta, roadtrips with Kerry, homemade notes from Pal, Dan and Ben, last year’s Halloween costume, art galleries, dressing up for Lady Gaga concert, chalkboards, snowstorms, my dad being weird and hilarious, that Aimee and I usually don’t look this sassy, nature walks, Courtney, this adorable card reminding me how much I love good friends (and good wine!), pictures taken without knowing, everything about my trip to Napa, two of my three girls, October resolutions.

 >>> I hope you have an absolutely fantastic day! I’d love to hear what YOU’RE thankful for – thanks again for reading! xo -Andi

Let curiosity lead your life.

>> Hai hai! Hope all is well in your lovely world. One thing I’m reminded of is that Wednesdays are always (always, always, always) better than Tuesdays. We’re halfway there friends! I recently loved what I read on Molly’s Smart Pretty Awkward blog – nothing new here. I wanted to share with you her words of wisdom that inspired my post today: If you want to stand out in a room, be different than everyone else in the room. So often, it’s easy to be confined to one stage of life, one particular situation, one given moment. We get trapped and tricked into being forced to be like everyone else, to fit in. Well here’s what I have to say about THAT – absolutely not anymore.

One of my favorite quotes from Sienna Miller is this: “I’m the most enthusiastic, excitable person I know and I defy anyone to try to knock that out of me.”

Instead of living mundane, ordinary, boring and “pre-planned” lives, let’s just go wild. Let’s be enthusiastic and excited for what is before us! What would happen if we let curiosity, enthusiasm and passion truly lead us? I don’t want to look at my life in one year/five years/ten years and feel regretful for the way I lived life NOW. That’s why I’m focused on avoiding shallow living, avoiding boring living, avoiding easy living. I want to see the world – MY world – from a new, heightened, exciting, terrifying, messy and crazy perspective. And that begins today.

Much love, Andi



{Words of Wisdom}





I’m someone always on the lookout for inspiration. It seems like I’m always clipping images from magazines/newspapers or saving images to folders on my computer. So it shouldn’t come as a shock to you that I’m mildly obsessed with Pinterest. Essentially, Pinterest is an online cork board or “inspiration board” where you can save images (known as “pins”) and organize by category on to different boards. These are just a few of my boards – view all of them here! If you’re on Pinterest, send me your name! I’d love to follow your boards as well. Enjoy your Tuesday queens! xo








New to Pinterest? Read my babe Jordan’s Daily Dot story explaining the site!

DIY: Metallic Button Up & TODAY's DIY Style Week



{Can't wait to pair with this snakeskin print dress!}

Last week, my roommate and I had a DIY night – one of the things we made was this fun metallic collar for a button up shirt. We were inspired by Geri’s lovely post and wanted to try it out! All you need is: a button up shirt (or any with a collar, really), scissors, pen, 2 ft x 6 inches gold fabric, fabric glue/hot glue gun. After laying the gold fabric over the shirt, you simply trace over the collar, cut accordingly and glue on. Pretty simple, right? Geri’s looks a little better than ours, but I’m excited to wear the *new metallic button up soon!

On the topic of DIY, I’m excited to announce that today is the start of TODAY‘s DIY Style Week! Monday through Friday of this week will feature videos, tutorials, images and more on-air, as well as on the TODAY Facebook and Twitter pages. Follow the conversation by including #DIYWeekTODAY in your tweets!

Here’s the DIY Style Week schedule:

Make sure to check it out! Enjoy your Monday! xo

What DIY projects are you itching to make? Next up for me is this fishtail skirt, these painted seashell earrings and this elbow patch sweater.