Savor beauty

>>> Hello hello hello beauty queens! How is everyone?! Welcome to the brand spankin’ new Polish My Crown blog! Although the design is still a work in progress, I’m liking the way things are looking around here so far- are you? Much thanks to Lindsay for designing the header/menu icons, Catherine for helping me with coding/Wordpress/etc. etc. etc. and Britton for helping with little random pieces. Love ya’ll!

>>> Okay, now that we are done with introductions and thank you’s – I present to you today’s Words for Wednesday post! The image that is especially powerful for me above reads: “Most folks are about as happy as they make their minds up to me.” This quote by Abe Lincoln is dead-on. If we go around thinking sad and dumpy thoughts, we are going to start living sad and dumpy lives. If we are constantly grumpy and negative, we will live negative lives. Remember last week’s post? – joy is mind over matter. Your happiness directly correlates to what you think about. “If you are thinking low-level thoughts, you are producing low-level energy and in turn, creating life experiences.” [quote taken from Gabby Bernstein’s video here].

>>> Each and every one of us deserves a happier and better life experience – and often, all we need to do is open our eyes and minds to refocus our thoughts on what is true, what is good, what is joyful. This leads to true, good, joyful and abundant lives. Count the wildflowers in the field. Smile at every single person on the street. Savor the beauty of the sunset’s light or the ocean’s sound. It’s time for all of us, myself included, to start thinking – and in turn, LIVING abundantly. Thanks again for reading! xoxo

Much love, Andi


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