I Am From

I am from coloring books and Bible stories and kickball in the backyard.

I am from Sunday Night Disney Movie Nights and cuddling sessions on the couch.

I am from back scratches and horseback riding and baseball.

I am from apples, applesauce, apple cider, apple pie.

I am from Barbie Doll nation and paper dolls and baby dolls and everything doll-related at all.

I am from vacation trips and wave jumping and rolling in the sand.

I am from twelve hours days in the sun playing.

I am from friends that have turned to family.

I am from goodness and unconditional love and acceptance.

I am Christmas Eve family dinners and Catch Phrase.

I am from sleepovers and movie nights and cheerleading uniforms.

I am from Ireland and Germany and Sweden and many other places in Europe. Really, I am from America.

I am from long distance phones calls, Skype dates, friendship and love and family that knows no distance.

I am from new beginnings, new experiences, new everything.

I am from flowers on doorsteps when I least expect it.

I am from “In my heart it’s the five of us.”

I am from Michael and Linann, and before that – Marilyn and Ted and Rosemary and Bernard. I am from a big, ridiculous family.

I am from the inside is more important than the outside and from beauty within.

I am from new opportunities, new places and new faces. I am from fresh starts in Athens, in Washington DC, in New York, in San Francisco.

I am from hustle and hard work and persistence.

I am from “We’ll fast forward to a few years later and no one knows except the both of us and I have honored your request for silence and you’ve washed your hands clean of this.”

I am from Kerry and Katie and Hope and my extended “sisters” who are everything but blood related.

I am from fireworks and clean air and open skies and summer nights.

I am from late-night karaoke and mimosas on 129 N. Congress porch and uncontrollable laughter.

I am from many lessons learned.

I am from Wizard of Oz on repeat.

I am from silliness.

I am from hardships no junior in high school should go through and a peace that passes ALL understanding.

I am from blessings.

I am from kindness poured all over me, undeserved generosity and helpfulness overwhelming me from other people.

I am from spontaneous cartwheels and pigtails and paintings of butterflies.

I am from second chances, grace and forgiveness.

I am from outgoing and shy, loud and quiet, goofy and serious.

I am from a denim skirt and a bright pink cap-sleeve snap top on the first day of high school.

I am from personal growth.

I am from mistakes.

I am from smart choices.

I am from birthday parties and ice cream sundaes.

I am from “Layla” and “Wonderful Tonight” and “The Unicorn Song” and “Please Come to Boston” and hundreds of other songs my dad sang in the car.

I am from my favorite childhood memory: playing school.

I am from rope swings and climbing trees until dark.

I am from countless CI basement days and nights.

I am from backflips on the trampoline and rollerblading down the Slippery Elm trail

I am from the wind in my hair.

I am from cups of hot tea and “talking about your feelings.”

I am from dancing on tables and dancing in circles and dancing in the moonlight.

I am from hospital beds, too many presents, a miracle before I even knew it.

I am from high expectations, high standards, high heels.

I am from extravagant Thanksgiving dinners and losing games of bowling to my little sister and 4 am shopping.

I am from Babysitters Club and Little House on the Prairie

I am from flat ground, real people, a Midwest way a living.

I am from Homecoming dances and late nights and early mornings and friends that have lasted over eight years.

I am from nervousness and confidence and everything in between.

I am from flights across the country to visit the ones I love.

I am from humility and pride.

I am from God’s abundance over me.

I am from sister sleepovers and best friend sleepovers and roomie sleepovers.

I am from thankfulness.

I am from big dreams of taking over the world; or at least a small country (in my mom’s opinion)

I am from anywhere, everywhere the road may take me.

I am from unconditional love.

I am from me. And I am continuing to learn, grow and love the person I am from.

>>> Inspired by Karen’s “I Am From” post here.



3 responses to “I Am From

  1. I absolutely love this post…and every other post on Polish my Crown. It’s been a saving grace this year. Thank you. :)

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