Moodboard XII

Happy Tuesday lovies! Hope you’re having a splendid start to your week. I haven’t done a Moodboard post since early September and felt it was extremely appropriate given how inspiring and lovely fall is. I LOVE FALL – the clothes, the crisp morning air, the way the leaves change colors, etc. so this Moodboard post certainly reminded me how fantastic the months of September, October and November are. I do have to admit – this fall is very different from most. It’s about 80 degrees here in San Francisco’s “Indian Summer” during mid-October! While I was wearing sweaters and leggings in June and July, now I’m wearing skirts and dresses in October. Very weird, but very happy to be here nonetheless. I hate to say it, but I’m ready to pack on the layers!

Enjoy your day, xoxo






3 responses to “Moodboard XII

  1. Love the new site! Have a gorgeous day, darling. XO

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