Thursday Thankful List

Capri Suns
Sleeping in
Pasta dinners on the couch
Cards from my mom
Everything about last Sunday (but especially the good company and how the sky changes color)

Giving solid and loving advice
Getting solid and loving advice
Booking my plane ticket home for Christmas!
A day well spent

Library books
Trips to Target
This blog post from my sister
DIY Projects! (Full post details to come soon!)

Smiling at random strangers
The way my throat feels after drinking a really cold glass of water

New people who treat you like you’ve known them for years
When someone remembers your name
Fall weather
Feeling special:

Sisterhood bonds
Emails from my dad
Newborn babies
Living out my dreams.

Mixing patterns
People who prefer to hug rather than shake hands
Feeling comfortable speaking in public
Chunky sweaters
Inspiration boards:

Making plans
Closing my computer at the end of the day
Feeling safe
Realizing how far I’ve come:

Looking up Halloween ideas (hilarious. No clue what I’m going to be this year!)
Answered prayers
Cheerios + milk
Spontaneous dance parties!
Rainbow dinners

Oprah’s Lifeclass (amaze)
Sushi + froyo dates
Taking responsibility for my own life.
Being challenged
A blog to share words of love, joy and encouragement

Hi friends! Happy positive, thankful Thursday! Above you’ll find just a few things I’m especially thankful for this week. I want to say thank you, thank you, thank YOU for the opportunity to share with you my life, my thoughts and my chaotic world. I hope you always find Polish My Crown as a place of joy, encouragement and love. I truly believe in the quote “Let no one leave you without feeling happier and better” and I want those words to echo on this blog. I hope you leave here a happier person, and more importantly, a better person. I’m always here to speak love to you. Thanks for listening!

I’d love to hear what you’re thankful for! Share in the comments or send me a tweet.

Much love,



2 responses to “Thursday Thankful List

  1. Oh this is so lovely. I am loving your gratitude lists- sleeping in- so grateful for that. I love your instagram photos too. Thank you for such inspiration :)

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