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I’m someone always on the lookout for inspiration. It seems like I’m always clipping images from magazines/newspapers or saving images to folders on my computer. So it shouldn’t come as a shock to you that I’m mildly obsessed with Pinterest. Essentially, Pinterest is an online cork board or “inspiration board” where you can save images (known as “pins”) and organize by category on to different boards. These are just a few of my boards – view all of them here! If you’re on Pinterest, send me your name! I’d love to follow your boards as well. Enjoy your Tuesday queens! xo








New to Pinterest? Read my babe Jordan’s Daily Dot story explaining the site!


5 responses to “Pinspiration

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  2. Hi! New to your blog and LOVING it, it fits my mindset exactly. My Pinterest is Will be following you as of… now! :)

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