Thursday Thankful List

>>> Sometimes photos just say a whole lot more than words. Last night, I was digging through old photos on my phone, camera and computer and couldn’t help but smile at how happy some (okay, most) made me.

Here’s a few – and in no way extensive – pictures documenting people, places, things, memories and experiences I’m beyond thankful for this week {in order of appearance}: the majesty of trees, Steeler Sundays in the dorms, cuddling with Mom & Max, old pictures of Cait and I, Britton, my beautiful cousin and best friend Erin, sunsets in Athens, Zach, delicious dinner date at Rosa Mexicano with Mom, sunsets near my parents house, Photobooth + Katie, cozy corners, pasta, roadtrips with Kerry, homemade notes from Pal, Dan and Ben, last year’s Halloween costume, art galleries, dressing up for Lady Gaga concert, chalkboards, snowstorms, my dad being weird and hilarious, that Aimee and I usually don’t look this sassy, nature walks, Courtney, this adorable card reminding me how much I love good friends (and good wine!), pictures taken without knowing, everything about my trip to Napa, two of my three girls, October resolutions.

 >>> I hope you have an absolutely fantastic day! I’d love to hear what YOU’RE thankful for – thanks again for reading! xo -Andi


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