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Forgive and let go.

Hi hi hi! Today’s Words for Wednesday is all about forgiveness. Lets face it – no one here is perfect. You’re not perfect, and I’m definitely not. I’m very thankful for the times people have let me off the hook, forgiven my wrongful actions and allowed us both to move forward. Forgiveness means letting things go, even when someone doesn’t deserve it. Maybe someone in your life hurt you or lied to you or cheated on you. Do you have ever right to be upset and sad and mad at them? Yes. Should you rise above holding an angry grudge against them and move forward in true queen fashion? Absolutely. People will hurt us – that is something we really can’t change. What we can change is how we let these actions and words affect us!

for·give [fer-giv] verb, -gave, -giv·en, -giv·ing.

verb (used with object)

1. to grant pardon for or remission of (an offense, debt, etc.);absolve.
2. to give up all claim on account of; remit (a debt, obligation,etc.).
3. to grant pardon to (a person).
4. to cease to feel resentment against: to forgive one’s enemies.

We’ve all messed up and have been granted forgiveness at one point or another. Let’s give the people who hurt us the same respect and grace we were given! Forgiveness is two-fold though; it’s not just for the other person. I vividly remember being lied to and cheated on by someone and we all know it – it really is the worst. But holding that in just made the pain and hurt and anger stick around – I truly found peace when I decided to LET. IT. GO. You’ll truly be letting yourself free when you forgive! You don’t deserve the added weight of bitterness and resentment. YOU, my lovely beauty, deserve to be surrounded by peace and love. Love yourself enough forgive someone else. Rise above the other person’s actions and move forward. Trust me, it’s not always easy for me but always a key ingredient in overall happiness and peace in my life.

As always, thanks for reading and simply being the best!


Situation / Crown Polish

What’s up with this “crown polish” concept anyway, you might ask? So, we all have those “off” days or moments or situations. Crown polishing is a reaction to those experiences – a new mindset and outlook! Crown polishes are the little pick-me-ups we all need every once in awhile. Crown polishes are the moments where we dust ourselves off and move forward cheerfully and optimistically. Below you’ll find a few situations I’ve been in lately – with the much-needed crown polish that got me out of the situation. Enjoy! xo

Situation: feeling homesick

Crown polish: Skyping with my hilarious sisters {while they were in a coffee shop…and then proceeded to lift up their shirts and punch each others’ abs to see who was stronger…OUT of control}

Situation: (Almost) everyone from my high school getting engaged/having kids

Crown polish: Remembering I get to do all the fun stuff that they might not be able to when married or parents. Note: I’m happy for them! But also happy for myself being in the place I’m at in life – and refusing to let myself feel “less than” just because I’m not engaged/having kids.

Situation: Missing Athens/college/living with Ash, B, Amber, Tess a whole lot lately

Crown polish: Ashley’s lovely weekend visit!

Situation: Being really, really busy

Crown polish: Having an Andi day – where I only spend time with myself enjoying and relaxing! {with lots of Lifetime movies, books and hot tea of course}

Situation: a LONG day at work

Crown polish: Unexpected cards in the mail from Melissa, Hope & mom

Situation: being in a funky, weird, “off” mood for no apparent reason

Crown polish: the second you snap out of that mood and regime silliness and happiness {again, for no apparent reason}

Situation: Failing to remember what I’m thankful for on certain days {UGH. Not okay!}

Crown polish: These “I am thankful for…” reminders. Print for free here.

Situation:Freaking out that “I’m not doing anything with my life.” Aka: listening to negative voices in my head. Ugh.

Crown polish: Having the opportunity to share my story and write on Melissa’s blog about identity. Remembering I am so much more than one stage of life or one word. Oh yeah, stepping back from the situation and learning to breathe helps a whole lot too!

Situation: Uninspired

Crown polish: Anything and everything Curly Girl Design-related {hint hint: I’m giving away a CGD product in my blog holiday giveaway! GET pumped!}

Situation: Underwhelmed by my closet

Crown polish: A little {early} Christmas present for myself a la these Steve Madden beauties!

*Your turn! What situation have you been where you needed a crown polish? I’d love to hear! xo

What to Wear When You're…

Madewell, why are you so cute? I love this. Happy Sunday! xo

Keeping a thankful perspective.

Hiii lovely friends! How was your Thanksgiving yesterday? I hope it was absolutely wonderful and that your thankfulness continues over the weekend. With that being said, I’m SO excited to have one of my best friends and roommates, Aimee, share her story with you today! Aimee is someone I met on the first day of college and our friendship has only continued to grow and get better! She’s my family. I was blessed to have her and Courtney move to San Francisco – which has made my life so so so much happier and better. I’m definitely thankful for this girl and that she is willing to share with you!

Thanks again Aimee and enjoy everyone! xo

*Sidenote: One year ago today (after nine years of insane Black Friday shopping), I flew to New York to tart an adventure interning at Marie Claire – with, you guessed it, Aimee! Thought I’d include one of our hilarious NYC pictures in this post! What. a. month. that. was. You can find the blog post I wrote one year ago today here. —

Hi my fellow Queenies! My name is Aimee Rancer {@aimerancer} and I am the lovely roommate of the Queen Crown Polisher, Andi Teggart! When Andi approached me about writing a guest post focusing on thankfulness, I was not only so appreciative of the opportunity to share my own thoughts but also a bit stumped.

Thinking it over in my mind, I have a lot to be thankful this time around. This August I had the amazing opportunity to move out to San Francisco to pursue a career in a completely new city and coast. As I trekked from Ohio to California, I experienced every type of emotion be it happy, anxious, excited or scared. As I type, I have been in this amazing and uplifting city for three months and to be honest, still feel all those emotions and more each and every day.
I am a firm believer in going after what you want and if you have a vision, passion or desire, do anything you can to make that happen. My all-time favorite quote reminds me that hard work and a little bravery won’t go unnoticed: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.”

I have been challenged, both emotionally (missing my family and friends) and physically (these hills are a killah!) during my time here but wouldn’t have changed anything I have gone through thus far.  There are times where I come home mentally exhausted, questioning myself and why on Earth did I move? Yet, whenever I begin to doubt myself I try to keep perspective and realize that I am so lucky to be surrounded by friends (near and far) who are wildly supportive, a family who are more than loving and wants to see me happy and colleagues that have faced challenges and struggles far greater than I will ever know.

My friends have been my support and lifeline since I moved to SF. From my college roommates to my current close friends in the city, every conversation I have with them builds me up and I am so thankful I have those individuals who continue to talk and inspire me every day.

Along the same sentiment, I am thankful for both my parents and their never wavering love and positivity. From a simple message by my mother attempting to text (XOXoz Luv MOM) or my Dad on Skype forcing my dog’s paw to wave saying, “I love you,” mean the world to me. I feel so truly blessed to be a part of that family and be their child.

And the last thing I am truly grateful for is the individual’s I have met at my job in San Francisco. Coming from Ohio, I never truly experienced such diversity with people from all different backgrounds, life experiences, etc. However, through my job I have met co-workers who struggle to pay for expenses, have siblings with serious sicknesses like cancer and family that live in other countries. Yet, day after day they come in, work harder than the majority of people I have ever seen before (this is retail, FYI) with a smile on their face and a determination to make it through another day—not just for their own sanity, but because without a little faith, what’s the point?

So, with all that said this blog post is dedicated to those I’ve mentioned above and as a reminder to you and myself that I am thankful for all the things you have given me and will continue to give me.

Happy Holidays!

Thursday Thankful List: Thanksgiving Edition

One year ago, I wrote my first Thankful List post {check it out here} and looking back, I’m noticing how focusing on thankfulness and gratitude has truly changed my life. Not only do I write weekly Thursday Thankful List posts on this blog to document what I’m thankful for every week, I try to live out my thankfulness in my actions daily.

The above pictures show where I was at EXACTLY one year ago today – Thanksgiving 2010. Surrounded by my family; this year isn’t the case. So much has happened in the last year – some bad things, but mostly very very good. This is the first Thanksgiving in my entire life that I’m spending away from home, but instead of feeling sad or bitter about it – I’m thankful. Extremely thankful!

I’m thankful to have the opportunity to start new traditions. I’m thankful for technology {you know they’ll be Skyping me in at some point!}. I’m thankful for very good friends gathering at my place to celebrate and feast! I’m thankful to be cozied up watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. I’m thankful for days off work. I’m thankful for my grandma’s recipes she cheerfully shared with me. I’m thankful for a whirlwind trip to Portland to visit family I don’t get to see often on Saturday. I’m thankful for a flight home for Christmas. I’m thankful for roommates from college coming to visit. I’m thankful for hot chocolate and crunchy leaves and sleepovers. I’m thankful for thick tights, the smell of birthday cake candles and Starbucks holiday drinks. I’m thankful for lessons learned, opportunities presented to me and that God truly pre-planned my steps. I’m thankful for hysterical laughter, for crying, for ups and downs.  I’m thankful for remembering to that there is always, always, always something to be thankful for.

May today be a day you can focus on what really matters – family, friends, just how blessed you really are.

Wishing you the happiest Thanksgiving – enjoy it well!

xoxo always!

There is always, always, always something to be thankful for.

Today’s Words for Wednesday is all about, you guessed it – THANKFULNESS! I know this is usually what my Thursday posts are all about, but with Thanksgiving being tomorrow, I think it’s necessary to have a thankful week/weekend/couple of days. Plus, staying thankful is something to do not just one day of the week.

More importantly, staying thankful is not something we should do only when things are wonderful and sparkly and perfect. The converse is true – we should be be extra thankful in our darkest and hardest times. I’ve been there – I’ve watched best friends in high school buried into the ground, starving friends deprive themselves of life, loves of my life try to end their own, hearts crushed, lives shattered, pain. Neglecting to give thanks only deepens the wound of the world.

Instead, we are called to give thanks in all things – at all times. Even if you are in a rough spot, feeling down or experiencing a not so great time in life, really challenge yourself to stay thankful in that situation. Things don’t have to be good – but we are called to say thank you even in the bad days. As we come together tomorrow for our Thanksgiving feasts {I’m SO excited!} remember to say thank you – and then maintain that thankfulness every day moving forward.

I’m thankful for you! Like, a whole lot!


Good morning! I just started reading a new book called Epiphany! True Stories of Sudden Insight to Inspire, Encourage and Transform by Elise Ballard {find here} and can already tell it’s going to be one of my favorites. The author describes epiphanies as that “aha moment;” the major, life-changing revelations that have had greatest impact on our lives. She interviewed tons of people asking them about these experiences – and I want to share Maya Angelou‘s with you today.

Dr. Maya Angelou is a wonderful African American poet, memoirist, novelist, educator, actress, producer, historian, filmmaker and civil rights activist. When asked what her life epiphany was, she shared the below. Her words resonated with me because her life epiphany took place was she was twenty-two {my age} and living in San Francisco {like myself}. I think the insanely cool thing about your epiphany is that it’s something you look back on years later and remember that exact moment in time. I’m hoping one day I am able to share my epiphany with you – my moment of awakening. 

Happy Tuesday, xoxo!


“The truth is everyone probably has 250 epiphanies. The way you’re changed at ten prepares you to be changed again at fifteen, but you couldn’t have changed at fifteen had you not had that change at ten. You see what I mean? Epiphany builds upon epiphany.

When my son was born, I was seventeen And I came home from the hospital and my mother put him in the bed with me. I was so afraid I’d roll over on this beautiful baby. But she said, ‘It’s alright. You’ll be all right.’ I thought I might smother him or something. I was just scared.

Sometime in the middle of the night, my mother awakened me and she said ‘Don’t move. Just look.’ And I had put my arm up and put my hand on my mattress and put the blanket over my arm so that my baby was lying in a tent.

And my mom softly said to me, ‘See baby? When you mean right, you do right.’

A few years later, when I was maybe twenty-two or so, I was studying voice and the voice teacher lived in my house and rented from me. He taught a number of accomplished actresses and singers and they all studied in my house. So I knew them slightly. But they were all white and they were accomplished and many of them were forty years old and had been written about in the San Francisco newspaper, where I lived at the time.

Once a month, the voice teacher asked us to come together and read from a book called Lessons in Truth. We all world read a page, or a half a page, whatever he assigned. At one point, I was reading and read the line: ‘God loves me.’

And he stopped me and said, ‘Read it again.’

So I read it again: ‘God loves me.’

He said, ‘Again.’

And I suddenly become embarrassed. I was young and black and everyone else was white and accomplished. And I felt he was really embarrassing me. Putting me on the spot. So I read it with ferocity – forcefully: ‘GOD. LOVES. ME.

And, at that moment, I knew it. I knew it!

I thought, ‘God? That which made bees and mountains and water? That? Loves me? Maya Angelou? Well then, there’s nothing I can’t do. I can do anything good.

Even now, telling you this fifty years later, it still brings goose bumps to me. I could weep with joy at the knowledge that I am loved by Love itself.”