DIY: Ring Necklace

Why buy a new necklace when you can make your own?! All you need is ribbon and rings {that you undoubtably already own!} Inspired by the lovely P.S. I Made This, I’ve been wearing this ring necklace for awhile and would LOVE to see more queens rockin’ the same neck party. Here’s how:

STEP ONE: Cut ribbon {Keep it longer rather than shorter so you can re-wear it at different lengths}

STEP TWO: Select and string big, chunky, fun, colorful and ridiculous rings on the ribbon.

STEP THREE: Tie in knot or bow at the back of your neck

STEP FOUR: Wear your bedazzled necklace with smile and confidence! You look great!

Two things to note – or maybe pretend you don’t notice: My shirt is semi see-through {sorry} and I look bald {awkward. sorry again}! Annnnd oh look, I’ve been wearing the ring necklace for a long time {with ring variations}. This picture is from last fall:

As always, thanks for reading! I’m always on the lookout for fun DIY projects so make sure to send them my way! xoxo


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