Goals for my life (from June 2010)

I’ve been writing since before I can remember! Whether it was stories, ideas, or just what happened that day, I documented everything on paper from a young age. I also like to journal down prayers, goals, plans now. I found these two powerful pieces of paper recently that reminded me how much I love writing. These two papers {ripped right from the Urban Outfitters catalogue} share life goals I wrote down last June. I was on a bus back to Ohio after  a glorious queen weekend in Chicago and randomly jotted down things I wanted to see happen in my life. Places to go, people to meet, things to change, ways to act, etc.

My favorite part of writing my goals down is that you can look back and see if I’ve accomplished them – and how far I’ve come and how much I’ve changed. Below you’ll find all the goals from that rainy bus ride – crossed out if I’ve completed them  or gotten better at the particular one. Most of them are actually goals that are continuous – still refining every day. I like to call myself a work in progress.


Live in a huge city and experience it!  {New York and now SF}

Stay present in the moment {Still working on this one!}

Stand up for what I believe in

Give to those less fortunate, look up charities {Because Justice Matters + others}

Buy something at Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, Barneys, Saks Fifth Avenue

Bless my parents, take a trip to Ireland with them {try to bless them daily, trip to Ireland…timing TBA}

Random acts of kindness

Write a book, compilation of memories {Does a blog count?}

Make a difference

Travel to Europe, Alaska, all over

Paint more, art projects more often

Collect jewelry and find beautiful things

Get to know someone new every day

Find my passion and make it happen {Still working on the “making it happen” part}

Constantly find inspiration

Read more

Write a ton

Be a part of something large than myself

Buy a pair of Christian Louboutins

Buy a Chanel purse

Develop a stronger and more dependent relationship with God everyday {Looking back on the last year, I’m amazed at home much more dependent and healthy my relationship with God has been}

Go to a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert {…if/when they ever go on tour again…}

Learn to actually play my guitar

Be silly and happy everyday

Spend quality time with those that I love {My absolute favorite hobby}

Work for a fashion house, magazine, brand {Marie Claire…hopefully more in the future!}

Adopt/save an animal

Sky dive

Be content with who I am

Be healthy and eat well {Been vegetarian for about a year and a half now…of course, you can be healthy without doing so!}

Challenge myself daily

Don’t take myself too seriously {Never.}

Enjoy good wine and good company {How would you define “good” wine…?}

Sketch/design something: clothes, room, etc.

Buy a dress form

Actively engage in meaningful conversations

Participate in the local community arts program / start a kids art program

Find my purpose

Take photos and save memories

Correct wrongs and apologize to those I don’t have strong relationships with anymore

Be who I am

Go on a vacation with my sisters

Fall in love

Get my hair cut into a bob

Appreciate everyone who has contributed to who I am…and tell them {This is where handwritten letters come in!}

Stop caring what others think of me

Stay organized

Sleep on the beach {Took a looooong nap on the beach in Monterrey with Mom & Dad this past summer}

Don’t stress about money. It DOESN’T matter. {Getting better – a work in progress}

Enjoy God’s amazing creation and help keep it that way

Learn to do more with my hair

Give back

Go to Africa on a mission trip

Explore! {Try to do this like every day. Or at least weekly!}

Network with professionals

Pray every day, all day.

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